Will you commit to increasing your inner peace & power?

Just last week, I was speaking with one of my clients who finally discovered that her INNER PEACE, was the missing peace in her life.

I thought sharing her story could inspire you.

She’s been on a path of personal & spiritual development for sometime, and is recently feeling worn out from all the classes and programs she’s done through the years.

This is especially true, because her life STILL isn’t where she wants it to be.

She’s been struggling to keep up with self-care practices that she WANTS to do, but some how isn’t doing them — whether the time is available or not. Frustrating!

She finds herself reacting emotionally to her husband more often than she’d like, which only escalades the disconnect and fights between them.

She’s not taken action on her “real dreams” of starting her own business, which has her feeling worse about herself.

And, this is an otherwise successful woman!

I often use the analogy of trying to vacuum a room with the electrical cord NOT plugged in.

No electricity.  No power.  No working vacuum cleaner.

When we’re NOT plugged into our primary source of power… life is hard!  

We react. We procrastinate. We don’t take care of ourselves. And our dreams and goals don’t come together.

That primary source of power IS your sense of  inner peace.

When we ARE plugged into our inner peace and power…. it’s expoentially easier to:

* Respond lovingly to our partners… even if we disagree with them.

* Take focused and inspired action toward our most important goals.

* Listen to intuitive guidance with confidence.

* Find time to take good care of ourselves regardless of our busy schedules.


A quick inventory of how your life is flowing, and you’ll quickly discover how tapped into your inner peace and power you are or aren’t.

Where ever you are is fine.  (Please don’t let this post serve to beat you up more if it’s not where you want it to be!)

And, no matter how much personal or spiritual growth work you’ve done, or how many areas are or aren’t working…. I’d love to challenge you to up the ante!

My client decided to make this one of her top priorities over the coming weeks and months.

Are you up for it?

There is ONE place where you can strengthen your connection to your greatest source of power — and master the skills to quickly return to your inner peace…regardless of what’s going on.  In just 2 days.

Having this skillset is the single most valuable asset you can have.

It’s all happening at Inner Peace Infusion Retreat on May 12-13, 2012 in Ojai, CA.

Check out all the details and reserve your space ASAP because spaces are filling up, and we’re only able to take so many people.  (Congratulations to those who have already RSVP’d!  Looking forward to spending TWO full days with you!)

If you’re ready to up the ante on your inner peace quotient and see for yourself how much easier life can be in ALL areas….

1) Make a public commitment, by commenting below.

2) Share what your top 1-3 areas where you find it most challenging to access your inner peace and power.

3) Register for Inner Peace Infusion Retreat to radically strengthen your connection to your greatest source of power.

If you’re not sure if the retreat dates work for you, but DO want to commit to upping your inner peace quotient, take Steps 1 and 2.  I look forward to seeing your commitment and supporting you in increasing your inner peace and power.

I’m seriously on a mission to have thousands more enjoy the benefits of inner peace!  EVERYTHING comes from inner peace.

Are you going to be one of them?


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5 Responses to “Will you commit to increasing your inner peace & power?”

  1. Christine

    Dear Mary,
    Reading the story of this lady, had my name all over it.
    I have been struggling for so long after a separation four years ago.
    I am in a new relationship now but not feeling that it is right for me, some things are good and some aren’t.
    Can’t seem to find a job that suits me well either, but scared to start my own business.
    I am feeling so stuck in all areas of my life with no way out.
    I enjoy your videos very much.If nothing else, they help to ease the pain I feel inside.
    Thank you.


  2. Janet

    My husband and I have been separated for 3 years and it was during this adversity….where I felt I had lost it all that I began taking stock of my life and asking myself how I got to this place because this wasn’t who I thought I was decades ago. Unearthing my early abandonment issue helped me to understand the resulting “anxiety”…..something even 3 years later though I visit upon waking in the morning.

    Inner peace came as I began to walk through the story of my life with a therapist….unearthing my ‘false ego” which I had developed as a young child….to over help and fix things for others in order to counteract abandonment…..and to discover I had disowned anger as had my husband….so we each wanted the other to carry that piece….I began at the beginning of the story of my life and each time I left the therapist’s office I felt somewhat “lighter” in my being….it was the start of being able to resonate to what “peace” felt like. There were no doors I didn’t look behind. Findng out who you are is key to inner peace. Initially I took “flight” to find my inner peace but that didn’t work but that was my over-reaction to the anxiety which I didn’t recognize or understand. I also joined a support group for separated/divorced people where I received two good pieces of information….the first was that I needed to learn to ask for what I wanted….I hadn’t been raised to consider that…I just thought I had to taken on everything and soldier through since I was able to stay at home while my husband took care of providing financially. Learning to ask for what you want is a process to learn as there are decades of your life to unlearn that teaching. I was raised to be a “people pleaser” but that won’t provide inner peace in the end….just turns you into a slave and resentment begins to build destroying any sense of inner peace. The second point I learned was that for every 5 years of marraige one needs a year of recovery….so for me that would mean 5 years and I fully understand that now just being at the 3 year marker. Until I can cope with being “alone” without anxiety I could leap into some other kind of relationship for the wrong reason. Also my husband and I aren’t legally separated even so inner peace is lacking there as nothing is resolved.

    Once you become more clear about the emotional/spiritual connection more peace does come…as you develop your “own” thoughts on life…develop those parts of your thinking and unearthing repressed emotions was a very big piece to finding inner peace. I am no longer emotionally frightened by my husband as I have more inner peace about who I am….

    I broke down finding inner peace into categories of emotional/mental/spiritual….they are all connected and part of finding that inner peace. The more I learned and more I read(and I could start a used bookstore at my house…lol) the more I found I could contribute to conversations….I just had never developed my “own” thoughts….led my life in “over-reactions” to life….how could one have “inner peace” with all of that spinning out of control. My cognitive intelligence increased although the truth of our life doens’t live there as I discovered that is where the “ego” resides…where the “false ego” lives….the inner peace of life will never be found in the “intellect” but rather in the “emotional”. Resolve and get acquainted with your “true” being and you will find more “inner peace”.

    Certainly that’s not the end of the story when you consider how long you have lived your life in a false precept….so it’s being on vigil every day not to fall back but I have discovered that once you begin making the shift that you will never return to that other person who spiralled in over reactions.

    I was a stay at home mother for over 20 years only doing volunteer work. I first branched out into paid work being a caregiver to the elderly….it seemed safe to me since I liked the elderly….it provided for that part of me that didn’t feel ‘safe”….I felt inner peace when I wasn’t alone and perhaps being with seniors made me feel that they were in fact taking care of me….my core issue from the early abandonment….as I say that’s not totally gone as I awake to that aspect of myself each morning.

    Last fall I knew I needed to take another steps into finding “economic” health for myself ….taking some computer classes…a very big stgep for me as there was a lot of fear there for me….curiosity for me had never provided inner peace for me especially when I was alone in it….but as I pushed through that wall I found more inner strength….in all of these steps I was helping my inner child who was alive and well and kicking up a storm to grow up….to show her she was capable of learning….

    It’s breaking through the walls of fear that I have found has led to more inner peace. I even brought a teacher into my home a few times to teach me some computer skills one on one. I approached a variety of personnel agencies starting last fall….nothing happened…but the other month I approahced a few others ones after applying to online jobs….they were able to provide me with more hours weekly than my caregiving job as well as jobs that at least put me back out into the world and allowed me to use my brain. This too can be unsettling as 2/3 of the world out there is younger than me….it’s my wondering “where will I fit” amongst the sea of young people and what I see as this “brave new world” of technology where it’s very impersonal. I know this stage is a process and in time I feel more “inner peace” with it and hopefully it will lead to permanent work.

    I also found inner peace by volunteering my time over a year ago….giving back…..it’s true that as you give to others it does come back to you….but within a few of those environments I still was carrying my anxiety with me. I found I was most at peace volunteering as a receptionist within a hospice….within such a vulnerable environment such as that perhaps I found my inner peace as everyone there was experiencing a struggle…it puts you on a level playing field.

    The final door to my inner peace I know lies with putting my physical being back together….getting physically healthy and reclaiming those activities that once upon a moon I once enjoyed….but alas due to my anxiety which I didn’t even know I had inside me until 3 years ago it’s doing those activities on my own….something I had never feared when I was younger.

    Overall I do believe that the key to inner peace is discovering yourself….it requires work but is well worth the journey. I’m still learning and growing so I understand “mary” the struggle. As I say I still struggle with my morning visit with anxiety but find it helps to write it out of me….my therapist suggested writing myself emails as a way to purge whatever I was feeling inside me allowing it a venue.

    I realize I could have been more concise in this response so forgive me for the length.

    Thank you……Janet

  3. Jes

    I think having the discipline to take care of myself mentally, physically and emotionally has helped a lot in finding and mainting some inner peace during my separation from my husband (11 months now). It’s hardest to maintain inner peace when I am constantly reminded of how my choices are affecting someone else’s happiness, or unhappiness.

    It has been good to take this time for me, to learn about who I really am and what my personal desires for my life and my relationships are. Especially after feeling like my entire adult life was spent trying to fit into other people’s expectations for me. It is hard to break free of those stories even though I am changing inside and out.
    I suppose inner peace comes from knowing myself, which builds confidence. It comes from being true to myself, not concerning myself too much with what other people think and making decisions based on what truly inspires me.
    But the choice to separate doesn’t work for my husband, so now I’m left trying to figure out how to make peace with that. I don’t like disappointing or hurting anyone. Taking it one day at a time. And breathing.

  4. Janet

    I think peace can come for you with your husband when you realize you both came into the marriage with your own story from your past….everyone has their story…different degrees of stories but the end result of the story is where I think I am learning we need to focus….the result is that none of us received “unconditional love” and we are still searching for that within our spouse….once we recognize the other is the same as us I do believe that levels the playing field….we no longer have to judge each other….we can replace our arrogance with humility and realize that our partner has probably been the greatest growth gift although it doens’t seem that way in the midst of the pain. But the trigger is there to take you back to “your” past….to integrate the emotional wound/charge….once the “false egos” of each person are unearthed then we no longer have to defend that false self….we are free to be who we came into the world to be. Somehow we each thing the other should know better even though we didn’t. We are essentially putting the spouse in the role of the “parent”….we must learn to unconditionally love ourselves and I do believe that is what in the end makes a marraige stronger….that equates to “awakened monogamy” not immature monogamy. We all need to learn about ourselves….that also can be a scary process and especially scary if only one person is changing….but it does build confidence as you say…it can also connect you with your higher self and more compassion for others as you recognize that they too are doing the best they can with the tools they have just as you were before. My husband is determined in his desire to stay apart….I think in the end if he did his own work he would be able to trust himself that all would be well but not doing his own work means he’s putting the weight of that outcome on me….that he will only feel secure if I have fully changed….not realizing he has to change his own perspective. Trust must go both ways and owning the issues is important….we can’t change what we won’t acknowledge as Dr. Phil is famous for saying.

    I know for myself one of the biggest challenges in this separation is the destruction of the family. I simply can’t imagine us not being an intact family especially when I recognize with growth that people can attain their needs rather than having to look to the other for meeting those “over the top” needs….we aren’t here to harangue the other person. I am tring to teach my 23 year old daughter by modelling how I have been handling this over the past 3 years….she has seen it all…but she has also seen the progression but I regret her having to see her family separated and not whole. It’s not what I want for her or her children….I want the buck to stop here now in this generation…for everyone to awaken to the reality of their own life.

    It also includes prayer….asking God to heal the mind and the heart of each person…it’s believing that God can adjust what needs to be adjusted.

  5. Mary Allen

    Thank you to each of you for sharing those things that are most interfering with your inner peace. And, for pointing to some of the keys to reconnecting to inner peace.

    A few things I’d like to comment on:

    Christine — What’s the hardest part for you about your separation? Sounds like that is now a story of the past — and you’re rebuilding a new life.

    When we’re stuck… there are 2 keys. 1) Look at all your options. I’m hearing that “starting a business” is where the nudge is. 2) Take ONE action to move you closer. Not aiming for the “perfect choice” — but non-action is like purgatory.

    Also — a few others commented on how moving through fear — is one of the keys to inner peace. Fear has us making up that we don’t have what it takes to take action. That’s a lie. You do!

    Janet — I wasn’t clear what the key culprits were to what’s standing in the way of your inner peace. From what I’m hearing….

    1) Being separated from husband, but not officially. It sure sounds like this relationship is over. He’s not up for doing any inner work, and I get that isn’t working for you. Again, hanging in purgatory is very anxiety provoking. Children are resilient. My parents divorced. Millions of children experience this. Perhaps not ideal. But, it’s the quality of your individual relationships with your children that make the difference. Making a clear decision that honors yourself teaches much more than bending over backwards for a relationship that doesn’t meet your needs.

    Beautiful to hear how your contributions in work, like hospice, bring inner peace. Certainly, when we get outside of ourselves, and focus on others — we feel connected, on purpose and peaceful.

    2) Anxiety in the morning… I suspect part of this is a pattern that has been engrained in you — but that you could probably transcend based on all the work you’ve done on yourself. Set an intention before you go to bed to wake up feeling peaceful. Then first thing upon rising — taking inventory of all that you’re grateful for – write them down. Focus on what you’re most looking forward to that day.

    And I agree… inner peace IS about knowing yourself — who you are, your values, your essence, your needs, your desires, your strengths and blindspots — and LOVING it all.

    Jes – No doubt “being a pleaser” ultimately back fires. I ran that pattern for years too…. and ultimately it built resentment. Being true to yourself is key. Your husband deserves to be with someone who wants to be there 100%. Staying may not be the best option for him. You deserve to get your needs met 100% — and if he’s not up for doing that — and you don’t want him to be the one contributing to you — then, you serve BOTH of you by moving on.

    So agree that the discipline to take care of yourself is SO key to inner peace!

    I truly believe in the core of my being that when I honor my integrity — ULTIMATELY it serves everyone (even if I don’t think that’s true at first).

    Keep listening to yourself — each of you are wise, powerful beings. Honor that!


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