Who Hires a Life Coach?

Leaf_rippleWould it surprise you to know that the most successful and “together” people hire life and business coaches?

I’ve worked with clients from virtually every walk of life – business owners, professionals (accountants, lawyers, engineers, doctors) and creative types (graphic designers and artists). I’ve also attracted lots of coaches, authors, speakers and transformational leaders. I’ve worked with busy stay-at-home and working moms. And, thank you referrals from happy clients, I’ve also coached lots of professionals in the commercial real estate industry (namely retail shopping center owners, brokers, developers and project managers).

Most of my clients are between 35 and 60, though my youngest client was 15 and oldest client was 81. Life coaching is popular with men. Often times, 50-90% of my clients are men.

Are you like my coaching clients?

You value inner peace. Whether you’re longing to find that serene calm within you, or already enjoy beautiful states of inner peace and just want to deepen it, you know inner peace is an integral reflection of living your best life and experiencing the highest levels of consciousness possible.

You value learning and growth. You’re passionate about personal and spiritual growth and development. You’ve read countless books, listened to audio programs and attended seminars and retreats in an effort to grow personally and professionally. You enjoy the ecstasy of life-transforming breakthroughs, insights and giving yourself an edge in business. You’re always welcoming powerful new ideas.

You value success. Your life is already successful by most people’s standard, yet you know you haven’t lived into your highest potential. It’s a joy to achieve your goals with excellence.

My clients are disciplined, committed to their personal and professional growth and development, love to learn and passionate about living their best life. Honoring their values of health and fitness, meaningful relationships, financial abundance and contribution are important.

Why coaching?

Often times people come to coaching when feeling stuck, faced with a specific challenge, or struggling with one or more areas of life. And who doesn’t get test by life?

No matter how “together” someone is – we can all move through those “dips” and tough situations faster with help.

There is no stigma to hiring a life coach.

Fortune 500 CEO’s, Olympic athletes, Super Bowl Champions and Academy Award winning actors and actresses all have coaches. Past and the current President of the United States have leaned on coaches. Even professional life and business coaches hire coaches to support them in living their best lives.

If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, professional coach, author or speaker who is ready for “everyday inner peace” while you SIMULTANEOUSLY realize your professional goals, I can help.

Through my coaching, audio programs, books and live events you can experience inner peace anywhere, and live into your highest potential and best life.

Ready to get started with coaching?