Inner Peace Immersion Retreat


“Imagine how much easier life would be if every time
you start to feel anxious, stressed out or less than
completely in your power, you could quickly activate
your reservoir of quiet strength, easily regain your
own power center and enjoy ‘inner peace’ as
your predominant way of being…
no matter what is going on in your world.”

Now imagine how all that can happen in just
5 effortless days of expansion, focusing on the inner you
in the warm and serene California desert.


Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Not only is this my experience, graduates of the Inner Peace Immersion Retreat report experiencing inner peace each and every day, as they are growing their businesses, deepening relationships, and transforming their health.  And the best part? We’re doing it again…
so YOU can join us next time!

From the Desk of Mary Allen:

Let me start by asking you a few questions.

Have You Ever

  • Found your “buttons” getting pushed by significant relationships and you speak in a “less than pleasant voice,” then found yourself apologizing later or just feeling aggravated inside?
  • Wished life’s distractions could stop (email is a biggie, eh?), so you could simply be present, peaceful and productive?
  • Indulged in turmoil when making big decisions, noticing how the anxiety builds the longer you dwell in “all the options” and delay choice (regarding children, work, relationships or any “what next?”)
  • Experienced your mind racing because it’s so full of ideas?
  • Had difficulty switching gears to relaxation mode (i.e. vacation, sleeping, or winding down from work)?
  • Felt hampered in fully expressing your gifts to the world because of conditioned thoughts, feelings or behaviors (you may even know what they are, but remain unduly influenced by them)?
  • Enjoyed times where life flows seamlessly…then, suddenly, found yourself frustrated, overwhelmed or emotionally distraught – then unable to get back to “flow?”
  • Wished you knew how to tap into your calm center, no matter what is going on externally?


Would you like to push the pause button
— and learn how to effectively transform inner turmoil
to inner peace — even in the most challenging of moments?

You owe it to yourself and those around you to find a better way to
deal with all of these normal day-to-day stressful situations.

The Inner Peace Immersion Retreat is about helping you tap into inner peace on the inside, even when there is chaos on the outside. For example, right now, we’re all being tested by the dramas of the world, and it’s easy to get caught up in them. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.


What if I told you…

In just 5 days, you can…

  • begin cultivating “inner peace” as your predominant way of being
  • learn effective tools to help you quickly return to your peaceful power in any moment
  • learn exactly how to reconnect to your reservoir of inner peace when you feel depleted

You can also master the processes to help others around you do the same. (It’s relatively easy, when you have the skills.) Imagine having your entire family and those you work closely with experience this being centeredness whenever something challenging “comes up.”

AND, as long as you’re willing to look, you can experience “radical awakening,” a doubt-free, limitless recognition of who you are — that needs no improvement.

Helping others through this process is my strength and passion — and the focus of our upcoming Inner Peace Immersion Retreat.

As important as inner peace is to our well-being, there is NO one addressing this topic in such a comprehensive, practical and holistic way.

Yes, it’s true…


Hi, I’m Mary Allen, America’s Inner Peace Coach and “Life Coach Mary” to those who know me. I’m author of The Power of Inner Choice and host of Conversations with the Masters, interviewing best-selling authors including Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, Ken Wilber, Caroline Myss, Dr. David Hawkins, Debbie Ford and countless others.

For the last 19 years I’ve been coaching people just like you…(along with numerous millionaires and even a couple billionaires) supporting them in accessing more joy, cultivating their own quiet strength, and handling challenges that get in the way of a fulfilling and peace-filled life. My passion is helping “conscious achievers” experience greater everyday inner peace, as they realize their goals.

So, What Is Inner Peace?

“Inner peace” is its simplest form is freedom of the mind — from annoyance, distraction, anxiety or an obsession. It’s a state or condition characterized by tranquility or serenity.


Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power vs. Force, categorizes “peace” as one of the highest energy vibrations on his Map of Consciousness.

The state of inner peace increases our ability to focus, make clear decisions and handle challenges with ease. Inner peace allows productivity, creativity and abundance to flow more freely. And it strengthens our immune systems, minimizes the impact of disease and brings harmony (and sanity) to relationships. And, most would agree…it sure feels good!

But, more than a favorable emotional state, it is the natural by-product of something greater. This kind of inner peace is the awareness of who you are, just under the usual dynamics of human feeling, thought, behavior and personality. It emerges when we recognize the context in which all of life arises. My mentor and coach, Arjuna Ardagh, refers to such a shift in awareness as a “radical awakening.

What is “Radical Awakening?”

As quoted, from Arjuna’s national best-seller The Translucent Revolution: “It is the moment when you taste reality outside the limiting confines of the mind, when you know yourself to be limitless, much bigger than, yet containing, the body, beyond birth and death, eternally free. Despite the activity of thought and feeling, you know yourself to be the silence experiencing that movement.”

But what does that actually mean?

I’ll be honest. This isn’t the easiest concept to get your head around. And you may very well be saying to yourself, “Yeah, that’s all well and good, but I have bills to pay and people who depend on me and I don’t have time for a radical awakening.”

I know this because I felt this myself. Until I had my own radical awakening 13 years ago.

Here’s why you want to experience radical awakening for yourself:

18 months after my awakening, I met my husband John and knew within a couple of days, he was “the one.” He proposed a year later, and we married in 2006. I dare say, he’s my perfect soulmate.

Over the years, I had accumulated a lot of debt ($65K at its peak). But, soon after my surprise awakening, something began to shift, and the debt magically dwindled! (I didn’t win the lottery. I simply honored the inspiration guiding me.)

I had multiple bursts of creative energy, allowing me to start and finish new projects that not only skyrocketed me over six figures of income, but also allowed me to get my message out into the world in a MUCH bigger way.

And, best of all, I was grounded — happy and at peace. (And, whenever I slip away from being at peace, I simply use the tools and resources to quickly return.)

Isn’t that what you want?

“Peace is aligning with ‘what is,”
and not resisting it.”

— Mary Allen


The Truth About “Radical Awakenings”…

Radical Awakenings are almost always significant turning points in people’s lives. Yet, many falsely believe, “When I attain enlightenment — my life will be perfect and emotional turmoil will vanish forever.”

If you’ve had a radical awakening, you know this isn’t what happens.

Every human being — including you, me and the Zen Masters are ALL very human, subject to the thoughts, feelings and physical limitations that come with living in a human body.

Fortunately, Everyday Inner Peace is NOT about experiencing euphoria 24/7, removing all challenges from your life, eliminating all stressful thoughts, emotions or reactions…

“Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where
there is no noise, trouble or hard work…
It means to be in the midst of those things
and still be calm in your heart.”
– Unknown

It’s unrealistic to expect all stress, all reactions and all moments of temporary insanity to disappear completely. Although that would be nice, wouldn’t it? The reality is — regardless of our awakening — we’re all human.

Even if you’ve already had an awakening, additional skills, powerful practices and experienced wisdom are invaluable to actually live into your awakening more deeply. 

For the deepest experience of “everyday inner peace,” integrating BOTH your “radical awakening” with a step-by-step roadmap, including tools and strategies is essential. At the Inner Peace Immersion Retreat, we’ll deliver both. You won’t find this unique combination anywhere!



Everyday Inner Peace IS Allowing Inner Peace To
Become Your Predominant Level Of Consciousness…
Being Present With “What Is.”

When “everyday inner peace” is alive, you’re able to more quickly return to inner peace when life throws you a curve ball. You’ll notice what thoughts are influencing you when you’re in a state of overwhelm and meet them with compassionate understanding. You’ll reconnect again and again with a peaceful and truer reality inside of you.

Remember, it’s not about doing this perfectly!

This kind of inner peace is available to every human being (including you!)

Initially, I lead shorter workshops called “The Inner Peace Infusion Weekend,” testing the format, content and exercises for the 5 day retreats. (More about that in a minute.) The feedback was even better than we’d hoped! 



“The retreat allowed me to integrate all my parts and
pieces, goals and dreams into a collective whole being.”

Jim Ross

“I feel more “whole” in my ability to be a walking and talking innerly peaceful man. The retreat has allowed me to integrate all my parts and pieces, goals and dreams into a collective whole being. I’m noticing faster when I am out of touch with my inner peace and shift. I call it being a “proactive peace creator.”

– Jim Ross, San Jose, CA


I now have less resistance to accepting my
. I am more available to others
and to have deeper intimacy with my partner.”


“I enjoyed the real-time application of the inner peace tools in a variety of exercises and small group sharing. I now have less resistance to accepting my imperfections. Moving forward I’m aware of more facets of my wholeness. As a result, I am more available to others and to have deeper intimacy with my partner.”

– Jane Mutti, Galiano Island, BC Canada


“I love the concept of looking at ‘challenge’ as
an opportunity to bring myself to peace.


“I love the concept of looking at challenge as an opportunity to bring myself to peace. I feel a sense of calm and hope. I learned that it’s not about having inner peace constantly, but about how quickly we can bring ourselves back to peace. Before I used to try and FILL my time and space, now I simply embrace peace and stillness more than before!

— Colleen McGunnigle, Hampton Bays, NY
Graphic Designer –


“…A wonderful opportunity to explore the whole
concept of inner peace in sacred space…
yielding countless ‘ah-hah’s.


“The Inner Peace Infusion Retreat provided a wonderful opportunity to explore the whole concept of inner peace in sacred space in a way that afforded participants a comfortable learning environment. What I enjoyed most was the chance to do my own work all the while being supported by Mary as facilitator and honored by the other participants. I found myself able to hold a space of learning and exploration yielding countless “ah-hah’s.”

— Robert Stack, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


They enjoy greater everyday inner peace
… And you can too!


Here’s how other’s have expanded
inner peace in their lives…

“I am 49 and have never read or bought a self help
book before, didn’t think I needed them…

iStock_000004386100XSmall-wedding_couple[1]“I am 49 and have never read or bought a self help book before, didn’t think I needed them; figured those are for people with problems—however when I encountered a situation where I desperately needed to understand my longtime boyfriend’s unexplainable struggle with inner peace with marriage, I read Mary’s book, ‘The Power of Inner Choice.’ The truth is, it should be called the Power of Inner Peace. It changed my life as it so clearly explained the sources of stress, how we create it, how to recognize it and how to deal with it, and therefore achieve inner peace. It was gold. It was power. Finally something tangible I could discuss with him that we both could understand. Nothing else came close. Needless to say we overcame the self created stresses, (and more importantly became more aware of the recognition when it starts to happen) and are now very happily married and have total inner peace with marriage. Thanks Mary!”

JM, Mission Viejo, CA


“I learned to understand and accept all those
negative emotions and let go of the pain.

amandak[1]“I struggled with the resentment, anger and frustration I felt from the results of divorce after 6 years of marriage. I learned to understand and accept all those negative emotions and let go of the pain. I was able to move on to an amazing relationship with exciting new goals. I learned to make the most of every day and really understand what I wanted in my life. When my partner of 3-1/2 years died in front of me unexpectedly, I was devastated. With the foundation I had built from the wealth of knowledge from Mary’s book, programs and coaching, I was able to work through my grief and take care of my responsibilities. The NOW practices were really helpful to create focus when I felt overwhelmed with emotions and unable to function. I’ve learned so much from Mary in the last 5 years, that I’ve recently started doing the exercises again as I explore new goals and relationships. While I still miss Carl, I’m at a place of peace.”

– Amanda, Kearney, MO
Network Operations Engineer


“I’ve become more masterful at quickly
returning to inner peace when I need it most.”

gracecruz[1]“As a single mom of a three year old and two businesses to run, it’s not always easy. There is a lot to juggle and challenge my inner calm. But, because of Mary, I’ve become more masterful at quickly returning to inner peace when I need it most. I’m inspired to take the time needed to keep inner peace alive in my life. It makes me a better mom, a better business owner and gives me a life I love.”

Grace Cruz, Bal Harbour, FL
Personal Trainer & Health Consultant


I have learned my gift to the world is
more important than the fear of it, feeding me
an Inner Peace I embrace every day

Buzz Kolbe

“I have made huge sustainable leaps developing my personal authenticity, alignment, accountability, attitude and my overall life adventure! With Mary’s coaching and the engaging tools she provides, along with the wisdom from the entire group; I have learned that my gift to the world is more important than the fear of it, feeding me an Inner Peace that I embrace every day.”

Buzz Kolbe, CPBA, CCP, Dallas, TX
Leadership Development Coach


I am a successful entrepreneur, but I often forget about myself and let adrenaline take the best of me. Mary has guided me to slow down and find my own inner peace.

suzanne_evans[1]“Mary has made an enormous difference in my life and I do not say that lightly. I am a successful entrepreneur, but I often forget about myself and let adrenaline take the best of me. She has not only guided me to slow down and find my own inner peace, but she has guided me to being graceful in business. When I am seeking inspired solutions in my life and business I reach out to Mary.”

Suzanne Evans, Murrells Inlet, SC
Authentic Marketing and Action Expert


“Clients are still amazed at how
peaceful I am during tax season.

johnm[1]“As an accountant, I grew frustrated with the predictable stress associated with tax season. I hired Mary to help me maximize my inner peace throughout this time…and affectionately called it, ‘Zen and the Art of Tax Season.’ For the last three seasons, I have enjoyed an inner peace other accountants can’t imagine. It’s fun to surprise people. Clients are still amazed how peaceful I am during tax season. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Mary has an extraordinary skill for bringing one from where ever they may be – back into the present moment. She can take you from distraction to ‘aha’ and peace in record time.”

– John M, San Jose, CA
Tax Accountant and Financial Planner


Mary’s taught me how to create a sense of calm
even in the midst of days spent juggling priorities
and other unexpected surprises in life.

kimnishida[1]Mary’s taught me how to create a sense of calm even in the midst of days spent juggling priorities in my business, dealing with challenging relationships, and all the other unexpected surprises in life. I can’t thank her enough for giving me the tools to step back, re-evaluate, and gain a new perspective that allows me to not only deal with stressful situations but actually enjoy these moments. Before I began learning from her, I ran through life reacting to unexpected and stressful situations in a way that left me feeling shell shocked and powerless. After taking just a few pieces of wisdom from Mary, I now face life with more curiosity and the understanding that I have the power to choose how I respond to whatever life throws at me.”

— Kim Nishida, Cypress, CA


“As I have been empowered in my life, I notice
the ripple effect with my children, husband,
clients and community.

marianheaton[1]“I have been studying Mary Allen’s book ‘Power of Inner Choice’ and participating in her group coaching programs for the past two years. This has resulted in a major shift in my self awareness and sense of inner peace. The powerful exercises have helped with focused attention and NOW, in the moment I can notice when something has interrupted my peace, where I am resisting reality and how I am reacting from ego. This has allowed me to stop, refocus and respond from love and spirit. What a gift Mary has given us in her work. As I have been empowered in my life, I notice the ripple effect with my children, husband, clients, and community. Mary is a master at partnering with her clients, empowering them to create their dreams and goals from a place of inner peace. She has a natural charm and charisma which energizes her groups and allows magic to be created.”

Marian Heaton OTR/L, Tucson, AZ


The Most Comprehensive Workshop On Cultivating Personal Inner Peace!


Inner Peace Immersion Retreat

Unplug from distractions and integrate all the pieces of the puzzle to enjoy Everyday Inner Peace. This offers a sacred haven for you to:

  • Awaken to a deeper experience of inner peace, accessing and expanding your reservoir of inner peace (your radical awakening).

  • Learn how to quickly return to this delicious inner peace when it gets disrupted.

  • Find and create inner peace in moments where you typically don’t have it.

  • Allow inner peace to become even more your predominant state of being.


However, The Real Impact of This Retreat Comes
When You Return To Everyday Life!


If you’ve attended other retreats and workshops, you know how “jolting” it can be to re-integrate with loved ones, work and busy schedules. You’ll learn how to optimize this transition and re-integration period.

AFTER attending the Inner Peace Immersion Retreat you will…

  • Know, in every cell of your being, you CAN handle anything that comes your way. (It doesn’t mean you’ll stop feeling emotions or won’t get caught in thought, but you’ll “be present with” any challenge (work, relationships, decisions, etc.) in a new empowering way.)

  • Adeptly return to your inner peace in a fraction of the time you currently do today. (Even those who’ve been studying personal growth for 20+ years!)

  • Respond lovingly to situations that previously “ruffled your feathers.” (Trust me on this, it’s SO much more fun!)

  • Find yourself lovingly and compassionately embracing every aspect of your being (both the light and the dark qualities) (This is so liberating!)

  • Delight in your new friendly relationship with ALL feeling and thought (including the good ones and the ones most often judged.)

  • Be empowered with simple tips, tools and strategies to return to inner peace, when you temporarily have a “human moment” (this economy is excellent training ground, yes?)

  • Understand how inner peace is paramount to your ongoing and continued success.

  • Be more fully aligned with your dreams and goals, as you live from a place of purpose and fulfillment.

  • Be confident in facilitating others in returning to their inner peace and power when they get disconnected. (Even if you’re not a coach, therapist, healer or consultant, you’ll love these skills and be able to use them immediately!)

Past participants of the Inner Peace Immersion Retreats report the effects continue to deepen and expand afterwards, as they experience greater inner peace and clarity in all areas of their lives. Relationship challenges dissolve, problems become opportunities to flex their inner peace muscles, and work becomes a playground for self-expression.



True Integration Can Come Only From
A Comprehensive Approach…


Most teachers focus exclusively on one dimension of inner peace, while ignoring the others. Unfortunately, this provides an incomplete picture, leaving many people confused, frustrated and befuddled when handling life’s diverse array of challenges and circumstances.

“Mary Allen very wisely assembles the self-help puzzle so that it forms a clear picture instead of being a handful of pieces collected from various sources. — Kim Nishida

Throughout the Inner Peace Immersion Retreat, we’ll examine and explore inner peace through the FOUR key dimensions – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Integrating each dimension exponentially increases one’s “inner peace quotient.” That’s what makes this model so powerful…

1. SPIRITUAL: Most people equate “inner peace” with the spiritual dimension.
AWARENESS is the single most important key to expanding one’s inner peace quotient. We dive into this deeply at the retreat. For example you’ll…

  • Expand your ability to “be present” and AWARE of each moment.
  • Master quieting your mind.
  • Learn to listen more intently to the CLARITY of your intuition or inner guidance allowing you to make conscious choices, maximize creativity and make decisions with ease.
  • More deeply understand your unique purpose and vision in life (it’s guiding you whether you are conscious or unconscious of it).



2. EMOTIONAL: Connecting to your PEACEFUL POWER is the predominant focus of the emotional dimension. When you’re not connected to your peaceful center, life becomes difficult, it’s easy to feel like a victim, and the emotional traps of fear, frustration and depression expand. When you’re connected here, you are grounded, life flows effortlessly and you simply handle anything life offers with ease. During the retreat you’ll…

  • Understand how you innocently disconnect from your “peaceful power” and how you can quickly reconnect anytime you choose.
  • Learn to flex and strengthen the most important inner peace “emotional muscles.”
  • Identify the unconscious emotional patterns running you (and how to transcend these reactions in a healthy way).
  • Develop the ability to “love what is” or “be with” life’s challenges, uncertainties, and limitations… and much more!



3. MENTAL: Your inner peace is a reflection of both the conscious and unconscious thoughts and BELIEFS you have…stuff we’ve chosen and stuff that’s been passed down to us. They create havoc on our inner peace quotient (and any area of life that isn’t working). During the retreat you will:

  • Discover what unconscious, limiting and disempowering beliefs interfere with your quiet contentment.
  • Master two simple, yet powerful processes allowing you to identify the peskiest thoughts in seconds (transforming the most challenging life circumstances.) You’ll also be guided through a third potent process.
  • Learn how to integrate new empowering thoughts to replace those limiting beliefs no longer serving you.
  • (And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!)



4. PHYSICAL: There are a lots of physical demands for each of us, but most spiritual teachers ignore this aspect completely. The demands of living in a body, providing for yourself financially, maintaining order in your physical environment and taking inspired action to fulfill your life’s purpose is essential! I feel so strongly about this piece that morning activities like yoga, walking meditations, tai chi and qigong are an integral part of the inner peace retreat. During the retreat you’ll:

  • Learn what it means to take “inspired action” as you move throughout your life.
  • Understand how “willingness” and “discipline” are your greatest allies in making conscious choices, upping the ante of your self-care practices and expanding inner peace.
  • See how goal-setting and inner peace harmoniously work together.
    …and so much more!

Not only will you receive a fresh perspectives, inspiration and experiential learning — the effect is synergistic…

As you integrate specific takeaways in each facet of inner peace the impact of each is enhanced by discovering and honing the others. This holistic approach is one of the most powerful and unique aspects of The Inner Peace Immersion Retreat.


What Happens When You Get Back to “Real Life?”

This retreat isn’t just about giving you a utopian experience of inner peace for a few days, only for you to return to everyday life and all the stress, overwhelm and minutia.

These 5 days are about slowing down and carefully looking at the roots of “inner turmoil” and all their various shades and disguises (namely other people and “problems”). Together we will rigorously and compassionately address them – one by one, creating greater emotional freedom.

We’ll consciously unravel the beliefs, emotions and habits that no longer serve you. By holding a magnifying glass up to old patterns, you’ll see their grip loosen, allowing new conscious choices and more inner peace to naturally emerge.

Where ever you are in your own personal journey, the integrated tools and strategies experiences you’ll learn here promise to help you create and expand a more soothing experience of inner peace than you’ve ever had. You also may find yourself inspired and empowered to coach others back to an awakened state.


Come Experience The Feeling,
So You Can Create It For Yourself Again…
Anytime You Want!

We’ll give you the space and guidance you need to immerse yourself in “inner peace” and allow you to experience this state of being long enough to recognize and fuel your own personal reservoir. And, you’ll leave having practiced all the tools and strategies you need to return to ‘inner peace’ again and again…regardless of how minor or major the interference.


Finding Inner Peace AND Success
While Living in This Complex World

There are countless books, CD’s and programs addressing various aspects of inner peace. Like you, I have studied many of them. Yet the ultimate challenge is integrating them into your life, and creating a lasting effect…especially when different teachings conflict with another.

One path says, simply “live in the present moment” (that’s the 1st Facet of Inner Peace). Another body of work emphasizes listening to your intuition (5th Facet of Inner Peace) Other teachings focus on “exploring our shadow,” “challenging limiting beliefs,” “living your purpose,” or simply “accepting what is” (12th Facet of Inner Peace). Visualization, goal setting and defining strategies are also popular, and seemingly necessary (6th Facet of Inner Peace).

Yet, several spiritual teachers say setting goals interferes with inner peace. There is so much conflicting information out there with HOW to access Everyday Inner Peace. So, do we have goals or not? Aren’t goals useful to transform our physical bodies, build savings or de-clutter our home? Can we have goals and inner peace simultaneously?

iStock_000005603977XSmall(2) - One_Way_Sign

Ugh! So How Do You Know What To Follow and Which To Do First?

Another great question!

That’s why I designed this retreat to be a comprehensive approach to inner peace. You’ll know exactly what you need to do that’s right for you at the end of our time together.

Other Testimonies From Our Retreats…

“Stress does not need to be our set point…Mary illustrates that it is possible to have inner peace be your set point.


“Mary Allen was absolutely born to lead an inner peace retreat. She shares a wealth of material in such a relaxed, friendly, engaging and entertaining way that learning it all feels like a breeze. Stress does not need to be our set point. Alternating information with fun experiential exercises, Mary illustrates that it is possible to have inner peace be your set point. And it’s not one size fits all. Mary shares such a wide range of techniques that you can choose what resonates with you … there’s something for everyone. Being at Mary’s Inner Peace Immersion Retreat planted the seed of hope for more inner peace and gave me the tools to accomplish that goal.  I’m delighted and excited and so grateful for the experience!”

Colleen McGunnigle


“I now feel I have greater clarity, more strength
and appreciation for all aspects of myself.

sheilajenkinsDuring the retreat I realized how l had let go of my enthusiasm, appreciation and amazement of myself. I now feel I have greater clarity, more strength and appreciation for all aspects of myself. I expect to immediately access 80% more joy, then quickly follow to 100%. My relationship with my husband will dramatically improve as I stay in inner peace. As a Mom, “I hold the key” to the family atmosphere.”

– Sheila Jenkins, Ventura, CA


“… by the end of the retreat I was a decidedly more complete and comfortable person…


A mentor once told me that true breakthroughs and insights rarely, if ever, interrupt you. They are much more gradual and gentle. You just awaken to them. If that’s true, then Mary Allen’s “Inner Peace Immersion Retreat” is an almost constant stream of some of the most gentle and impactful breakthroughs and insights I’ve ever experienced. I especially like the wonderful metaphor she used to easily demonstrate to us that we are, indeed, the sum of all our parts — our virtues and our vices, our gifts and our faults, our love and our fear — and that without any one of them, we are not able to take our full place in the matrix of creation. The shifts Mary helped me to make are so subtle that I’m not sure I could describe any of them in detail. I do know, though, that by the end of the retreat I was a decidedly more complete and comfortable person than I was at the beginning. Mary is a truly inspired teacher and guide.

– Randy Henderson, Pasadena, CA — Attorney at Law


“The retreat recharged my batteries,
which I desperately needed!


The retreat recharged my batteries, which I desperately needed! I’m ready for more growth with the tools. I’m living more in alignment with my higher self.

– Jan Burrelsman, Belleville, IL — School Teacher


“The retreat re-enlivened my
desire to take inspired action!


“The timing was perfect for stretching, growing and exploring non-dominant sides of myself, deepening my listening and feeling more grounded in my current life transition. The retreat re-enlivened my desire to take inspired action!”

– Michelle Hess, Encinitas, CA


“Even though my life has had its up and downs, the one thing I know is when I am at peace within myself…
I am virtually invincible.


“Many people assume if you are successful in the outer world, you must be in touch and happy. Not always true! My awakening from this workshop had me connecting with myself on a deeper level. This is what life is about! The Inner Peace Infusion Retreat provided me with the understanding and tools to change my life.

As a Conscious Achiever, I have achieved things most people dream of; I built my start up to $100 million, owned lots of stuff like a place in Maui and a beach front home and a mansion, traveled around the world, became a Marathon Runner, made a series of television productions, an award winning film and more. I also have been through two divorces, I am raising two children and have had a series of life challenges. I have gone from rags to riches and back again. When I come from inner peace, I experience purpose, financial success and deep personal relationships. Coming from this centered place, so much goes into action, solutions create themselves in real time. I live my life in celebration! You can contact me directly for an endorsement of this program! I will see you in Joshua Tree!.”

– Roger Sanford, Santa Cruz, CA


“My approach to life has completely been transformed since I’ve been a participant in Mary’s programs – I’m more at peace, content, and happier than I’ve ever been.


“Mary has taken me on an enlightened journey exploring the spectrum of possibilities to achieve a level of Inner Peace that I never imagined would become such an integral part of my everyday life. The power of awareness (being in the now) and living from a completely centered place has directly impacted my ability to make choices that truly honor myself and in turn others.

My relationships in all aspects of my life have grown deeper and more real through my exploration of my authentic self. Mary provides the tools we need to reshape our limited belief structures and then takes them to a higher level to show us how to open the door to finding our true voice and positively impact our lives and those around us. My approach to life has completely been transformed since I’ve been a participant in Mary’s programs – I’m more at peace, content, and happier than I’ve ever been.

– Jeanne Pochily, Alton Bay, NH


The Perfect Haven…
The Joshua Tree Retreat Center

The Inner Peace Immersion Retreat couldn’t be hosted just anywhere. It needed to be in a peaceful and quiet venue, away from the distractions of civilization (and other noisy hotel groups). It had to be spiritually uplifting. It had to have plenty of space for quiet contemplation, walking meditations and natural inspiration. I also wanted a space to offer yoga, tai chi or qigong each morning.

The moment you walk onto the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, you’ll immediately begin breathing a little easier. That’s what I experienced, so I knew this was the perfect venue for the Inner Peace Immersion Retreat. Located in the high desert, 25 minutes outside of Palm Springs, its natural beauty and stillness is breath-taking.

The Joshua Tree Retreat Center is close enough to several international airports, yet far enough away from the big cities to truly allow for an “immersion of inner peace.”

Countless spiritual teachers, including Byron Katie, Ram Dass, and Wayne Dyer have also lead thousands in their programs at this sacred learning space.

iStock_000005048683XSmall - stones_in_sand

How Long Is the Inner Peace Immersion Retreat?

The Inner Peace Immersion Retreat is 5 days…and 4 nights.

This exclusive event begins on a Wednesday at 7pm. Then, the “immersion” begins, ending officially on Sunday at 2pm. (You’ll want to book your flight no earlier than 4pm. Or for a small fee you may choose to spend Sunday resting deeper into your inner peace before you gracefully transition home on Monday. MOST participants are grateful they do this). If you can, we highly recommend planning an extra day or two to help you gracefully re-integrate back to everyday life.

Tranquil Accommodations,
Delicious and Nutritious Meals, and
ALL-INCLUSIVE Package for Convenience

Gratefully, the Joshua Tree Retreat Center allows all participants to stay onsite together, limiting the outside distractions offered by most hotels and eliminating travel time to and from the property. Each tranquil room has 2-4 individual beds. Most participants will room with one other person. Or, for an additional fee you can enjoy your own room (based on availability).

Once you’re settled in, you can simply focus on relaxing into the serenity of inner peace.

You’ll receive 3 healthy, nutritious and tasty meals each day. (If you have special dietary needs, just let us know and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.) I’ve hand-selected gourmet Chef Becky Trowbridge, trained at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy with 20 years of professional experience as a Personal Chef and Caterer. Since 1982 (long before it came “vogue”), her cooking has included the use of preservative-free, all natural, organic products with an emphasis on using fresh products from farmer’s markets. Everyone is always amazed at how extraordinary the meals are!

As a special BONUS, our chef also agreed to provide an Inner Peace Recipe Booklet of all the meals, so you can enjoy your favorite dishes from the retreat again and again. These meals are relatively easy to prepare so even if you’re not a “chef” you’ll be able to replicate these yummy dishes. We’ll also enlighten you about the foods that most support and interfere with inner peace, and some nutrition basics.

I’m pleased to offer the “Accommodations & Meals Package” for the ridiculously affordable rate of $130 per day per person. (You’ll pay this 45 days prior to the event). You’d expect to pay at least $130 per night at any decent hotel, just for lodging alone. But, our Accommodations & Meals fee includes lodging AND 3 meals each full retreat day (plus snacks!) It also includes dinner on the evening of your arrival through lunch on the afternoon of your departure. It’s almost like getting your meals for free! You’re probably relieved you won’t be expected to shell out thousands of extra dollars at a pricy hotel, paying double or triple the price of the event tuition for lodging, tips, taxes and unpredictable meal expenses. Are you breathing easier already?

“Okay Mary, I’m READY
To Invite More Inner Peace In My Life!”


When I first conceived the idea for this retreat, I was committed to it being a very exclusive, first-class and intimate event, where I could ensure people get real transformation. I planned to invite my millionaire clients and set the price at the $10,000 mark per person. But, the more my vision evolved, the more I realized this pricing structure would exclude a lot of people – especially those who might need it most.

So after considerable thought…and a bit of help crunching the numbers with my event planner, I decided to make the decision to attend a ‘no-brainer’… and still deliver a “one-of-a-kind-first-class-life-altering-forever” experience.

Tuition for the 5-Day
Inner Peace Immersion Retreat

 Remember: Seating is limited.

This is a fraction of the cost of a decent vacation, only you’ll feel the effects long after you return home. When you discover for yourself, what a value-packed, life-altering and first class event this is, you’ll understand why it will be significantly more in the future.


Register early for your peace of mind.

When you discover for yourself, what a value-packed, life-altering and first class event this is, you’ll understand why it will be significantly more in the future.




“Bring a Friend”
for only $397

And, if you want to bring your spouse, colleague or friend, you can get a special guest ticket for a discounted rate (plus $130 per day for their Accommodations and Meals – payable 45 days prior to the retreat)… as long as you register together.

The Inner Peace Immersion Retreat is a perfect experience to share with a significant other. Lots of couples have participated in the retreat together, and were pleased at how their intimacy and communication grew as a result of their shared experience in inner peace.

And bringing a friend is an excellent way to make it even more affordable while sharing your retreat experience, as you both enjoy deeper levels of inner peace.


For 5 days, you’ll be removed from all distractions and have a rare and unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in inner peace and master tools to help other do the same.

What Is It Costing You To NOT Be At Peace?

While the goal isn’t 24/7 inner peace, the truth is most people suffer WAY more than necessary…and it’s costing us all dearly. We’ve talked about the benefits you’ll receive by participating in the Inner Peace Immersion Retreat. As you consider those, it’s also important to consider the COSTS of not having great inner peace in your life (as uncomfortable as it is). So, take a moment and step into this question, “When you don’t have access to everyday inner peace, what is it costing..

  • your most important relationships?
  • your health?
  • your productivity?
  • your income?
  • your ability to focus?
  • your happiness?

We all pay a price for not being at peace. Some things are obvious. Others are subtle. Often we simply don’t realize the high cost of not having everyday inner peace. As “conscious achievers,” it’s important for us to consider this since our inner peace affects others, and ultimately, the world.

What Is It Worth To You To Have Inner Peace
As Your Predominant Way Of Being?

On the other hand, when you learn the tools you’ll be getting at the Inner Peace Immersion Retreat, you’ll be able to handle anything life throws your way. Just think about it…

  • How much more productive and effective would you be at work if your predominant way of being was inner peace?
  • How much more understanding would you be in relationships?
  • How much more attractive would be to potential partners?
  • How much better choices would you make relating to your health?
  • How much happier would you be?
  • How much of a better parent would you be?
  • How much more “on purpose” would you be?
  • How much more income and abundance is ready to be received by you?
  • How much more would life “flow” if inner peace were your predominant way of being?

And, if you’re a coach, consultant, healer or otherwise inspired to support others, what are the potential ripple affects in the world when more people are accessing greater inner peace?


No matter where we are in our lives we all have room for more inner peace. Imagine the impact if you could even DOUBLE the inner peace you already have now. This retreat really can be a new beginning for you, or a deepening of what you already know to be true in your soul.


Bonuses To Ignite Greater Inner Peace
…AND Success Before You Even Arrive!

If you’re inspired to expand inner peace in your life, you probably don’t want to wait until the month before the retreat to begin. That’s why I decided to gift you with 3 BONUSES, including access to two power packed programs.

You can begin as soon as you register!

Bonus #1:
“Inner Peace Infusion Retreat”
7 CD’s/MP3’s & Workbook

(Value $497)


Get a jumpstart on mastering how to find calm in any moment. This self-guided audio program was recorded live and gives you a sneak-peak.

Topics covered include:

  • 3 Themes of Inner Peace
  • Anchoring Inner Peace
  • 12 Facets of Inner Peace
  • Why Meditation?
  • 4 Keys to Meditation
  • Making Sense of the Inner Peace Wheel
  • 7 Keys to Quickly Return to Inner Peace
  • Finding Your Peaceful Power
  • Mastering the Inner Peace Reality Check Process
  • Dancing with Resistance
  • Self-love Visualization
  • Embracing Your Shadow
  • Transforming Debilitating Patterns
  • The Big 3 Inner Peace Practices
  • Inner Peace & Your Goals

Master Your Return To Inner Peace in Any Moment through:

  • 7 CD’s/MP3’s
  • Complete transcripts
  • 55 page Workbook
  • Inner Peace Wheel

NOTE: Nothing compares to being at an event live. However, this BONUS will give you a running start on your inner peace. And, you can listen to them again and again!


Bonus #2:
“Secrets to Profound Peace & Soaring Success”
24 CD’s/MP3’s & Workbook

(Value $997)

SPPSS_Product Image

Why is it that some people create so much success in their lives and still don’t have peace-of-mind, while others know how to find inner peace yet struggle to realize their goals and dreams? True momentum comes when you have BOTH.

You deserve both Success AND Inner Peace.

Through this step-by-step, self guided coaching program you will:

  • Take Control of Your Life
  • Find Inner Peace in ANY Moment
  • Clarify What’s Most Important to You
  • Overcome Life’s Obstacles
  • Achieve Your Goals Without Struggle
  • Free Yourself From Mental Chatter
  • Expand Your Ability to Receive
  • Transform Self-Imposed Limiting Beliefs
  • Harness Your Limitless Power
  • Become Your Own Champion
  • Enjoy Greater Ease and Peace-of-Mind
  • Be More Fulfilled… and more!!

You’ll also receive “Special Study Guides,” thought-provoking worksheets, and exclusive handouts.

Listen AGAIN and AGAIN — at your convenience!:

  • 24 CD’s/MP3’s
  • Complete transcripts
  • Study Guides & Worksheets

And…if you are one of the first 20 “conscious achievers” to register for the upcoming Inner Peace Immersion Retreat…you’ll also receive:

Bonus #3:
“1/2 Hour Private Consultation”

(Value $295)

Your one-on-one laser coaching session with America’s Inner Peace Coach (me!) can be used anyway you like. Get clear about a project, decision or business. Address your biggest inner peace stressor.  Strategize, brainstorm or simply “get coached.” It’s extraordinary how much we can accomplish in 30 focused minutes.


That’s $1789 in valuable BONUSES.  These bonuses and every detail of the retreat reflects my committment to this being the year you radically decrease any kind of inner turmoil and radically increase your inner peace.


The Number of Participants That Will Be Accepted is

to Preserve the Intimacy of the 
Inner Peace Immersion Retreat.

So Please DON’T Delay in
Reserving Your Space
When Dates Are Announced.


iStock_000001136467XSmall - Hourglass

If you’re still reading, you know in your heart of hearts that there is a next level to your inner peace (even if your life is working well for you already or if you’ve already had a powerful awakening experience.) This retreat will help you awaken more deeply to who you truly are. So if you’re ready to allow inner peace as your predominant way of being, please trust your instinct and reserve your space now before admission goes up or fills up. Check all that apply to you…

Yes, Mary I’m ready…

iStock_000003796974XSmall - Key_on_stones
for an immersion of inner peace.
to enjoy a still and quiet mind (more often).
for a more powerful connection to my Higher Self.
to master simple strategies for quickly returning to inner peace.
to live from an even more sharpened state of awareness, a consciousness allowing me to more spontaneously express my gifts, embrace all aspects of my humanity while living in alignment with my most authentic self.
to transform my relationship with stress, overwhelm and frustration (I know the goal isn’t to eliminate it 100%.)
to live more “on purpose.”
to receive the abundance from the world more freely.
to align more fully with my dreams and goals while enjoying greater inner peace.

And yes, I understand I’ll be responsible for the reasonable “meals and accommodations” fees due 45 days before the event, and there won’t be any hidden expenses once I arrive. Plus, I understand I can bring a partner for $397 (and they’ll be responsible for their meals and accommodations fee). I understand I’ll be gifted the bonus collection, including Secrets to Profound Peace & Soaring Success Program (value $997) and the Inner Peace Infusion Retreat MP3’s & Workbook (value $497). And, if I’m one of the first 20 to register, I receive a “1/2 Hour Private Coaching Session” with Mary (Value $295).

I’m ready to awaken more deeply to the one thing everyone wants, but most people don’t have nearly enough of…INNER PEACE.

If what you’re hearing resonates with you, I invite you to reserve your sacred space in this intimate, nurturing and transformational event now. Simply click on the payment option that works best for you. All you need to bring is your desire and willingness to expand inner peace in your life.

Now is the time to enroll if you’d like to share in this
unique “inner peace” experience.

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Inner Peace Immersion Retreat
Joshua Tree, California

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Yourself Yourself + Guest
$2997 Tuition for 1
$2997+$397 Tuition #1 + Tuition #2

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Looking forward to meeting you in person, especially if we haven’t met before.

Please register as soon as possible.

To your inner peace.


Mary Allen, CPCC, MCC
America’s Inner Peace Coach
aka Life Coach Mary
Author of The Power of Inner Choice:
12 Weeks to Living a Life YOU Love


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