How to Get Started with a Life Coach

stonesinwaterOk, so you’re thinking coaching can truly impact your life.

What’s the next step?

The first step is talking on the phone. There’s no greater way to understand what coaching is all about than experiencing coaching. It’s also a great opportunity for BOTH of us to get a “feel” for one another. One of the keys to coaching is chemistry.  In a great coaching relationship you will feel safe to share openly and authentically, empowered to reach your goals, and challenged to go beyond your best. Coaching relationships develop over time, however it begins with chemistry. Use your intuition to guide you in this life-altering decision.  I offer an Introductory Coaching Session at a reduced rate of $100.

After we decide to “get started,” you’ll receive my Coaching Intake Packet. This packet includes an assortment of useful, thought provoking and stimulating forms, and assessments to get your juices flowing. This is a key component to building the foundation of our coaching relationship – and in GETTING CLEAR about WHAT YOU WANT. You’ll receive the “The Clean Sweep ProgramTM” , designed to give you complete personal freedom (upon completion) – by “cleaning up”, restoring, and polishing virtually every aspect of your life. I tailor the additional programs to each client’s particular needs. My clients tell me these materials alone are of enormous value. Of course, this is ONLY the beginning.

Our First Session — “The Intake”

After an Introductory Session, our first session together is the “Intake,” which typically takes 2 hours. We’ll review all the forms you’ve pondered over. We’ll both get “crystal clear” about where you are, and where you want to be. We look at each area of your life, your values, your vision, habits, what’s working for you and what’s not. We discuss strategies, timelines, and what you most want to initially FOCUS on. We “design our alliance” to meet your individual needs. If we both live in the same geographic area, I like to do this session in person because it’s more personal (and fun). If you find yourself in the Midwest or East Coast, don’t worry!!! I have conducted numerous Intake Sessions via phone – and it is very effective and just as powerful (although bathroom breaks are sometimes needed). My clients and I thoroughly LOVE this session. While it’s designed as more of a “discovery session,” coaching begins here, and clients often leave the session with commitments and action steps to further their lives.This session is $600.

90 Days of Coaching

I request a minimum commitment of 90 days with each of client I work with. The reason for this is simple. Coaching happens over time. While much is accomplished in a single session, the element of time allows you to integrate new habits, realize goals and fully implement plans. 90 days also allows the “coaching relationship” to process though the ebbs and flows of your life. And for most clients, the first set of goals and objectives are just the beginning in creating and realizing their ideal life.

After the initial 90 days, clients go on a month-to-month basis. It’s not unusual for a client to work with me for over a year.  Many of my clients have worked with me 5-10+ years. Growth is a never-ending process.

Weekly Coaching Sessions

Each week you’ll call me at our specified time to discuss where you are, where you want to BE, and what you want to DO. We’ll tackle problems, present moment issues and long-term resolutions. We’ll focus on forwarding the action to progress in the direction of your goals and dreams.  We’ll deepen the learning from your experiences in becoming more and creating more.

Monthly Coaching Fees

$550 per month – for two 60 minute sessions.
$750 per month – for three 60 minute sessions.

I also support my clients during the week via email.

Ready to get started with coaching?

I look forward to working with YOU!