Inner Peace Retreat – Feeling Overwhelmed?

Just as a reminder, the Inner Peace Immersion Retreat is NEXT WEEK!

If you haven’t registered yet, consider this:

The Inner Peace Immersion Retreat offers a sacred haven for you to:

  • Awaken to a deeper experience of inner peace, accessing and expanding your reservoirs of peace (your radical awakening).
  • Learn how to quickly return to this delicious inner peace when it gets disrupted.
  • Find and create inner peace in moments where you typically don’t have it.
  • Allow inner peace to become even more your predominant state of being.

And after attending the retreat, you will:

1. Know, in every cell of your being, you CAN handle anything that comes your way.

2. Adeptly return to your inner peace.

3. Respond lovingly to situations that previously “ruffled your feathers.”

4. Find yourself lovingly and compassionately embracing every aspect of your being.

5. Delight in your new friendly relationship with ALL feeling and thought.

6. Be empowered with simple tips, tools and strategies to return to inner peace.

7. Understand how inner peace is paramount to your ongoing and continued success.

8. Be more fully aligned with your dreams and goals.

9. Be confident in facilitating others in returning to their inner peace.

Ready to get started?

Remember, if you’re feeling so overwhelmed that inner peace feels like a luxury you can live without, then you can’t live without it any longer!

Register now:  Inner Peace Immersion Retreat
October 20-24 in Joshua Tree, CA.

Here’s to your inner peace!


P.S. Remember, when you live predominantly in a state of inner peace, you have greater power to make optimal choices even in life’s most challenging circumstances. Register now: Inner Peace Immersion Retreat

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