Personal Growth Book Review: The Power of Inner Choice by Mary Allen

Name of Book:     The Power of Inner Choice
Author:      Mary E. Allen, MCC
Publisher and Date of Publication:     Personhood Press, 2005
By: Randee Bowder

1. What did you learn?

One of the topics early on in the book is “The compounding effect of choice.” I am familiar with the concept of compounding interest, but this idea gave me the expanded ability to see how the choices I am making today, that may seem insignificant, will have a powerful effect in the future. For example, deciding to take the inviteCHANGE CPC course affects small parts of my life right now. A weekend here and there, a few nights of homework, and coaching calls and I’m doing what I need to do to get the course done. But, what will be the affects of that choice years from now? It could be a thriving coaching practice, a book, or a speaking gig. I don’t know. Those are all big changes compared to the time it takes right now to stay on track with the course. I like to think of the choices I make today, to exercise, to eat vegetables, to consciously improve my coaching skills, as little things, yet very smart and important choices that are going to pay big dividends in the future.

Each of the chapters in “The Power of Inner Choice” provide instructions and reasons to apply what I like to call “Life Principles.” I have worked a little with most of the principles in the past. But, this book explains each one in detail, why it works, and how to practice and use it.  Each of these principles are applicable in my life and I have used the material as a written coach to help me apply the skills. I particularly like the lesson on Spirit vs. Ego. I used Mary Allen’s “4 Keys in Recognizing Spirit” to look at my past choices and see where I was following my spirit’s guidance and maybe sometimes when I wasn’t. This exercise helped me to discover ways that I can recognize my spirit’s guidance today and in the future. In all, this book is packed full of usable information that I will refer back to again and again.

2. (a) How will you apply what you learned to your coaching?

Every time I learn a new skill or idea it seems to find its way into my coaching practice. I am constantly trying to revamp and improve upon my already beautiful life. It is hard to believe that it can and does find a way to get better than the best. These new skills and ideas are helpful in my coaching practice because I have a tool box, or list of principles, that can function in anyone’s life. The chapter on Embracing Reality was a great one during one of my recent coaching calls. Helping clients to be able to separate what is actually happening with what they ‘think’ about what is happening is a key skill to finding freedom and power within the situation. Mary Allen’s book will serve as a reference for me to many of life’s operating principles and the exercises that can help my client’s to use and understand them.

(b) How will you apply what you learned to who you are being as a coach?

“The Power of Inner Choice” is all about me and how I show up in the world. It is a complete set of principles and exercises to help me apply the principles. I do not have any of them mastered or even in some cases understood very well. I want to live these principles, and I want to be “in process.” I understand that I don’t have answers for my clients, but I can, at times, offer up a principle that holds up to the test of time, works for any religion or spiritual belief and can provide fast, real-time results in helping people live more purposeful, fulfilling lives. Being this person feels good, natural, and real. I like being this kind of coach

3. What will you say to your clients or colleagues about this book?

Mary Allen’s book, “The Power of Inner Choice” is a complete guide to living. Through the application of the truths in the book you will find a deeper connection to your inner spirit, be more awake to the world around you, and be moving towards the inner peace and harmony that your heart desires.


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