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Greetings friends. Every week is a new week, with new and old emotions coming and going, or coming and staying. Argghhh! Sometimes they accumulate and it jams up our emotional well being. Since times are more intense than normal intense, today’s Rapid Reset Video is timely.

Today’s Rapid Reset strategy is all about feeling your feelings FULLY so they can move through you and be released. Ahhhhhhhh!

Stuffing our emotions is a recipe for stress, depression or grumpiness. Or all three. Give yourself permission to feel what is there. Need a good cry? Need to rage into a pillow? Or maybe a little conscious screaming can help release all the unnamed bottled up emotions.

If you can FEEL it, you can HEAL it.

The most important part is to FEEL into the emotions fully with the intention to ultimately release them. Many of us only partially feel our emotions, and that’s one of the reasons they linger. One of my mentors used to say depression was result of too many repressed emotions bottled up.

If you’re still not feeling 100% yourself during these times, play around with this idea of consciously feeling into and releasing the emotions. It’s liberating.

While I’ve been teaching “feel your feelings fully” for years, you’ll learn on the video how I modified this for my children. We still do it on occasion when emotions are running high. One of many ways to release bottled up emotions.

Another way to move through these lingering emotions is by intentionally or unintentionally sparking the emotions that need releasing.

With all that has transpired over the past 8 weeks, like so many, I’ve been feeling a deep sense of sadness. Overall, things at home have been good. So much to be joyful and thankful for.

Yet, just under the surface, I felt I needed a good cry. So many lives lost, lives put on hold, financial uncertainty for many and tumultuousness in the air all affecting me on some level. And truth be told, I’m not a big crier.

Yesterday, I received the perfect catalyst.

Last week, a friend’s young son was riding his dirt bike in his neighborhood and was hit by Jeep. Thank goodness, he was spared with just a broken femur and lots of road rashes. After surgery and a few days in the hospital, he is now home. I’d seen a couple photos on this friend’s ‘storyline,’ and wanted my kids to really understand why I’m always saying, “Please be careful!”

This friend sent me the video taken at the scene of the accident, the paramedics all around him. The boy lying flat on his back. As I watched with my kids, all I could think of is how it would feel if this happened to one of my children, and how my friend’s family must’ve felt.

The tears started to flow. Truly heart-wrenching.

Shortly after, my husband and the kids went for their daily bike ride. As the garage door closed, all those bottled up feelings came out in loud sobs. And I let tears go.

And I knew that I wasn’t just crying out of gratitude for the safety of my friend’s child or my own, I was releasing the emotions that had been accumulating. I needed a good cry, and this was my catalyst.

If we can feel it, we can heal it.

Keep releasing those emotions.

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If you missed the previous two Rapid Reset videos, you can find them on my blog. Please feel free to forward this email to someone who needs extra support during these times.

See you on the next video.

Here’s to your success and inner peace.

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