Best Life: New Year Creation – Process #4

Over the last week, we’ve been talking about ways to “emotionally connect” with your vision.  We talked about Treasure Mapping, writing your visions and visualizations.

Today we’re focusing on…

Process #4 – FINDING A THEME

What is your theme for the New Year 2009? This is not about your resolutions or specific goals with “do by” dates. This is your vision or dream for the upcoming year. What do you feel energy and excitement around? What engages your imagination and feels compelling? The beauty in adopting a theme is it naturally engages the senses unlike traditional “in the head” goal-setting. This does not have to be a linear process. You may use one or more of the ideas that become stimulated from the questions below. Select a theme for 2009.

You may want to create an inspiring atmosphere to do this exercise in – i.e. candles, music, nature, by a fire, etc. Have FUN with this process!

  • If your vision were a piece of music, what piece would it be?
  • If your vision was from nature what would it be? (Tree, ocean, brook….)
  • What does it taste like?
  • What does it smell like?
  • What other senses can you use to develop your vision?
  • What if your vision was a thousand times bigger? Describe what it would be.
  • Use a metaphor to describe your vision.
  • Are you forcing anything? Where can you ease off?
  • What can you take less seriously?
  • Are there any old rules you are holding on to? What can you eliminate?
  • How would a six-year-old describe your vision?
  • Ask yourself some “what if” questions. What if I ______?
  • Add one outrageous or wacky element to your vision.

Now that you’ve been exposed to all FOUR processes, which resonates with you? You may gravitate toward one them, or try them all. Each process engages the senses in a unique way.

The first step is taking the time to clarify and refine your vision – and FULLY ASSOCIATING EMOTIONALLY with that vision. That alone can be effective at creating unbelievable momentum throughout the year.

Secondly, super-charge your visions by revisiting your treasure maps, written goals and visions, themes or spend time visualizing – CONSISTENTLY. While you may utilize one of more of these processes in creating your vision, I recommend selecting ONE process to revisit on a regular basis.

That means monthly, weekly or ideally daily.

The more often you connect to your vision emotionally, engaging your senses, the more quickly you are likely to experience it reality. Try it.

May 2009 be your best year ever…

I’ll be sharing more about my new theme for 2009…stay tuned.

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One Response to “Best Life: New Year Creation – Process #4”

  1. Brenda|Soul Realignment

    I love this process you are describing!
    To me, it is all about connecting to one’s Higher Self, that part of us that holds our highes path, purpose, and lessons for this lifetime. Once this connection is made, inspirations and visions can easily flow into our consciousness.
    It becomes easy to align ourselves (emotionally and mentally) with manifesting these goals because they are authentic — they come from our true Self. Versus thoses goals that we think we “should” achieve — those come mostly from our ego.
    Here’s to a great 2009!


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