Acknowledging you, plus a game-changing strategy

It’s hard to believe that here in California, we’ve just completed our 9th week of the “stay-at-home” mandate. I know other parts of the country are beginning to open up. Such a gamut of feelings in the world.

I want to start today by acknowledging you, your families and everyone throughout the world for adapting to these unprecedented times. Human beings are simply amazing, aren’t they? YOU are amazing. You have proven, more than any time in your life just how adaptable, creative and resilient you are. That goes for each and every human on this planet.

Almost everyone I can think of has altered their lives in some ways… big or small, though for most… the list is countless and impressive! You have huge hearts and capacity for change.

From wearing masks, to finding new ways to exercise online and pivoting businesses or careers (or graciously putting them on hold). We’ve figured out how to do “distance learning” with our children or grandchildren, figured out a gazillion learning apps, created new systems and routines, and every day attempt to balance work commitments and household responsibilities. We’ve made huge adjustments socially. And holy moly, who else is using Zoom in ways you never expected?! Soccer, piano lessons and even a “Mom’s Night In” comedy show all happen on Zoom now.

Perhaps the biggest acknowledgment goes to how you’ve navigated these times emotionally. Before you start getting all judgy with yourself for being less centered, more stressed and feeling all the feels, I want you to recognize how well you’ve done… given the circumstances and your humanity.

No doubt you’ve done the best you could. You’ve created magic moments, shown up for others with love, and uncovered new depths of strength you probably didn’t realize you had.

Stop for a minute and take inventory of all the ways you’ve stepped up and adjusted your life or lifestyle. It’s a lot!

Then take a look around. How have your partner, kids, family members, friends, essential workers and leaders everywhere adapted, made decisions and stepped up in an effort to make the most of these times? They are amazing too!

I’m personally in awe of how my kids have embraced technology, independent learning, and being at home 24/7. They are often on their computers knocking out their regular school work before I’ve even gotten up! Mind blowing. We started with just a few assignments each day, and now they embrace a well rounded curriculum. And they honor mommy’s work time so I can write to you. Special kudos to all the teachers everywhere who’ve radically shifted the way they teach and support our children. It’s jaw dropping inspiring! Talk about adaptable!

So, did you take a minute to reflect on your oh, so many life adjustments and take in heartfelt acknowledgment?

Yay! You deserve it.

All that being said. I get it. Times are FAR from perfect. People are far from perfect. There is plenty to rock our emotional well being. Every. Single. Day.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to have strategies to find, keep and deepen our sense of inner peace. Which is why I created another Rapid Reset Video for you.

One of the fastest ways to change your emotional state is through MOVEMENT. Now more than ever, committing to daily movement will pay dividends throughout your day. It’s also a great go-to in those moments when our energy gets stuck or droopy.

Five weeks ago a friend created a MOVEMENT CHALLENGE. Every day for 14 days, she committed to doing something to move her body in a healthy way, sharing in a private Facebook Group we’re both a part of.

I had been noticing, my regular routine was just NOT enough to keep me grounded and feeling good. Plus, with the added stress of all the changes, I was gaining weight, even though I wasn’t eating THAT differently. Argh! Needless to say, I wanted to up the ante. So, I jumped in!

In the beginning, it was a stretch to get in some kind of movement by the end of the day. I’d drag myself out for a family walk after dinner or I’d force myself to do some stretches after the kids were in bed. I finally jumped on my exercise bike after an 8 month hiatus. Ah, sweating is a beautiful thing… and those endorphins are AMAZING!

I made MOVEMENT a priority… and every day posted my “movement” in the group. Instead of putting it off, I started jumping on the exercise bike first thing in the morning followed by 20 minutes of online yoga. That’s definitely my ideal. The positive ripple affect throughout the day makes it easier and easier to keep it going. It feels great! And honestly, it’s the number one reason I feel grounded, centered and capable of handling whatever comes my way.

After the first 14 day challenge completed, we started Round 2. We’re now on Round 3 and going strong. Last week I did 5 days of cardio and 3 online yoga sessions, plus a little walking and extra stretching. And, on track for the same this week!

It all started with a commitment to movement. And a little accountability. And doing a little more each week.

What do you do for movement each week? Is it enough or do you need to up the ante? If it’s not, I invite you to reprioritize movement. It’s a game-changer.

Daily MOVEMENT will make you healthier, happier, reduce stress and reset your nervous system. And, it’ll be easier to focus and get things done.

And, remember that “movement,” even simple movement, is a great go-to when you just need a quick reset. A quick walk to the kitchen, 25 jumping jacks or some stretches may be all you need to re-align with your breath and your best self.

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