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  • I believe everyone is craving more inner peace.
  • I believe everyone can enjoy exponentially more inner peace
  • I believe EVERYTHING comes from inner peace.

ripplesWhen inner peace is high, so are focus, productivity, creativity and synergy, which serves as the fuel in realizing one’s goals.  Our clarity, health, relationships and finances improve with a steady stream of inner peace.  It’s easier to navigate life’s challenges, changes, be present,

Yet, hundreds of stressors plague people daily, robbing us of our sanctuary of inner peace and power, distracting us from realizing our most important goals and interferes with the recognition of who we truly are.  No one is immune.  Common inner peace saboteurs range from minor annoyances to excessive mind chatter, stress, uncertainty (fear, worry, doubt), inability to control emotions, self-judgment and overwhelm.

3 Keys to Exponentially More Inner Peace

  1. Finding Inner Peace. Knowing exactly how to find inner peace is the first key to experiencing more of it and less of the stressors.
  2. Keeping Inner Peace.  Undoubtedly, life provides tests and challenges, making it seemingly impossible to experience inner peace at times.  Even those who know where to find inner peace, struggle to access it when they need it most – or in the face of difficult situations.  I’d like to help you expedite your return to inner peace, in minutes, regardless of what’s going on externally or internally.
  3. Deepening Inner Peace.  To maximize inner peace, fulfillment and joy in your life, it’s essential to breakthrough the old stories, patterns and fears keeping you locked into the status quo and limiting your true potential.  This requires hard work, perseverance and loving guidance along the way.  By confronting reactive emotions, shadow qualities, distracting mind chatter and other culprits, you’ll grow to new levels of awareness and power as you make conscious choices and crate your best life – a life you truly love.  The reward is new depths of inner peace you never thought possible.

To help you find, keep and deepen inner peace so you can enjoy exponentially more of it, please explore the programs and articles below.

Recommended Inner Peace Programs 

5 Minutes to Inner Peace CD


5 Minutes to Inner Peace.  Through a guided process, you’ll discover your inner peace headquarters so you can access it again and again. (Available on 1 CD or Downloadable MP3)




Inner Peace Retreat

Inner Peace Infusion Retreat Home Study program it the ultimate guide to finding inner peace in any moment.  (Available on 7 CD’s or Downloadable MP3’s) Take advantage of this comprehensive resource and start enjoying the benefits of greater inner peace today.







Inner Peace Immersion Retreat helps people activate their reservoir of quiet strength, master quickly returning to their powerful center, and enjoy ‘inner peace’ as a predominant way of being …no matter what is going on in their world. Through expanded awareness, meditation, interactive exercises and inner peace skills and tools, participants realize there isn’t any life circumstance they can’t handle with grace and ease.  They discover their own “warm, fuzzy, invisible blanket of inner peace” is always with them, regardless of who is upset at them, the size of their bank account or how much is on their to-do lists.  This once-in-a-lifetime 5-day/4-night retreat is for anyone seriously ready to deepen their experience inner calm, whether they’ve enjoyed 20+ years of personal growth or are just beginning their journey.



Private Inner Peace Coaching with Mary.  The fastest way to creating exponential inner peace in your life is coaching support custom tailored to you.


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