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  • I believe success is essential to having inner peace.
  • I believe inner peace is essential to having success.
  • I believe living into our potential and creating our best life is essential to our ultimate happiness.

Footprint_SandIt’s deeply fulfilling to live into your highest potential and fully express your gifts to the world.  In fact, when you ignore your goals, dreams and highest calling, it’s painful.  Vibrant health, harmonious relationships and financial abundance affect your inner peace and help you create your best life.

Learn how to get crystal clear about what you really want, eliminate obstacles and turn your dreams into reality with greater ease.   Growing and evolving your consciousness is also part of living into your highest potential.   When you create against a backdrop of inner peace, you’ll realize your goals more quickly. When inner peace is high, so are focus, productivity, creativity and synergy.

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The Power of Inner Choice Coach yourself to greater success and inner peace with powerful exercises, inspiring examples and practical tips you won’t find anywhere else. Each of the 12 lessons represents a path to success and inner peace. It’s one of the most comprehensive personal growth and development books available! (Available as 365 Page Soft Cover Book or eBook format)



Secrets to Profound Peace and Soaring Success. Through this step-by-step, self guided personal growth and development coaching program you will:

  • SPPSS_Product ImageTake Control of Your Life
  • Find Inner Peace in ANY Moment
  • Clarify What’s Most Important to You
  • Overcome Life’s Obstacles
  • Achieve Your Goals Without Struggle
  • Free Yourself From Mental Chatter
  • Expand Your Ability to Receive
  • Transform Self-Imposed Limiting Beliefs
  • Harness Your Limitless Power
  • Become Your Own Champion
  • Enjoy Greater Ease and Peace-of-Mind
  • Be More Fulfilled… and more!!

Available as 24 CD’s or Downloadable MP3’s, PLUS “Special Study Guides,” thought-provoking worksheets, and complete transcripts.


ABA_3DAwakening Beyond Achievement. Master 5 Simple Secrets To Create and Sustain Success and Inner Peace Consistently. Clarify your vision so you stay focused on what’s most important to you and less distracted by everything else. Understand what is really fueling your inspiration so you consciously create and sustain effortless momentum and realize your goals (even the ones that seem out of reach). 

Allow yourself to align more completely with your vision so you magnetize your vision and life plan more quickly and easily.  Available as 4 CD’s or Downloadable MP3’s.  CLICK HERE for MORE INFORMATION.


Private Coaching with Mary.  The fastest way to creating your best life is coaching support custom tailored to you.  CLICK HERE for MORE INFORMATION.


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