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Michael E. Gerber

Bestselling Author of “The E-Myth Revisited,”
and dozens of books, Speaker and
Small Business Revolutionary

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* Are you a small business owner or wanting to start your own business?

* Do you feel completely overwhelmed in your business?

* Do you feel like you’re the only person you can really depend upon in your business?

* Are you working too hard and not making enough money?

During This Interview We’ll Explore:

* Why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it.

* 3 secrets every business owner needs to know.

* How to change the way you think about your business for greater profits, and greater enjoyment.

* What it takes to create a proprietary business system, and where to begin.

* How to free yourself from the daily work of the business.

Note from Life Coach Mary:

I first learned about Michael Gerber when I was affiliated with The People’s Network (TPN), a personal development TV network… That was 17 years ago! One key principle was embedded into the core of my being, you must “work ON your business, not IN it.” Taking time to look at the big vision, refine systems and leverage my team are fundamentals I learned from Michael Gerber years ago. For my entrepreneurial colleagues and friends, I can’t think of a better time to share this valuable resource with you.

About Michael Gerber:

Michael E. Gerber is the world’s #1 small business leader. He is the author of The New York Times bestseller The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work And What to Do About It, and 12 other books about entrepreneurship and small business management. The E-Myth Revisited has been translated in 29 languages, is taught in 118 universities as a foundational entrepreneurial textbook, and forms the foundation of the Michael E. Gerber Companies, which is dedicated to “bring the dream back to small business worldwide.”

The underlying premise of Mr. Gerber’s books and services is that the vast majority of small businesses fail for want of entrepreneurial leadership. Mr. Gerber’s experience working with more than 70,000 small business clients in 145 countries has proven this contention to be true: most small business owners are “technicians suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure.” They started their businesses to create jobs for themselves (“to become their own boss”), rather than to be entrepreneurs who desire to grow substantial enterprises.

To fix that problem — and to transform the operating effectiveness of all small businesses — Mr. Gerber’s services focus on changing the owner-client’s point of view, by providing them with a new paradigm of organizational growth. Mr. Gerber calls that new paradigm, “Going to work ON your business, rather than going to work IN your business.”

The services of Mr. Gerber’s companies are designed to help his clients do just that: First, by “starting their businesses all over again” with “a Dream, Vision, Purpose and Mission” commensurate with a robust growth model consistent with that of an entrepreneur. And, second, by taking the now entrepreneurial client and his or her revitalized company through a unique process Mr. Gerber calls “innovation, quantification and orchestration.” The goal is to build the essential systems needed to grow a company that can “work without you, rather than because of you.”

The Michael E. Gerber Companies consist of four arms:

  • E-Myth Worldwide, whose primary focus is to “fix broken businesses,” founded in 1977;
  • ORIGINATION, whose primary focus is to “awaken the entrepreneur within” -the unemployed, underemployed, self employed and sole proprietors throughout the world to help them to start up and grow truly successful “turnkey businesses” as described in Mr. Gerber’s books;
  • Michael E. Gerber Partners, whose primary focus is to author dozens of new Vertical E-Myth Books, such as The E-Myth Attorney: Why Most Legal Practices Don’t Work and What To Do About It. This book was co-authored by two attorneys who have applied Mr. Gerber’s E-Myth business model toward the development of their immensely successful Estate Planning Practice, now operating in 136 legal practices throughout the United States. The intention of Michael E. Gerber Partners is to assist its co-authors to grow their E-Myth practices through coaching, licensing or franchising their successful systems to peers in their industry. As a result, Mr. Gerber’s co-authored books and partners will lead the way in each and every vertical market throughout the world. Mr. Gerber’s vision is that tens of thousands of companies will utilize his E-Myth point of view in the development of their uniquely effective companies, thus creating what Mr. Gerber calls “an economic development initiative of staggering proportions.”
  • Certified Capital Advisors Inc, a financial development firm based upon the work of Steve Wilkinghoff, a Certified Public Accountant in Canada, whose Found Money book was published by Wiley Publishers in 2010. Mr. Gerber and Mr. Wilkinghoff founded this company to teach small business owners how to think about financial decisions in a completely unique way, all for the purpose of building “profit centric systems” in their companies in order to better realize their objectives.

Mr. Gerber lives with his amazing wife, Luz Delia Gerber, who is also his partner and Co- Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Michael E. Gerber Companies, in Carlsbad, California. They are designing, growing, and expanding their Dream Headquarters, which Mrs. Gerber calls their “Legendary Campus,” to further inspire and teach the thousands of E-Myth advocates who come to them from all over the world.