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Conversations with the Masters


Ken Wilber

Co-Founder of Integral Life
“The Einstein of Consciousness”
Author of 16+ books, including
A Theory of Everything, One Taste,
Spectrum of Consciousness,
No Boundary and more.

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* Are you on a spiritual and conscious path?

* Do you ever wonder how business, politics, science and spirituality fit together?

* Would you like learn the critically essential keys to human growth?

During this interview we’ll explore:

* The “integral map” encompassing body, mind, soul and Spirit with self, culture and nature — and how you can use it to create greater inner peace in your life.

* The Human Consciousness Project, Spiral Dynamics and the 8 Waves of Development (and what this means to us).

* How meditation works and why it is the most reliable tool for personal development.

* Integral insights for artists, business people, and athletes.

* Ascending, descending, and “non-dual” spiritual paths.

* The ego—is it a vehicle or an obstacle to awakening?

* Mystical experiences in nature—a window into spirit.

A Note from Life Coach Mary:

I first learned of Ken Wilber through Tony Robbins, who introduced Ken’s 8 levels of consciousness (otherwise known as memes) as described in his book A Theory of Everything. It helped me understand the differences between certain groups and how war and conflict is more about a clash between “levels of consciousness.”

Shortly thereafter, my father introduced me to Ken Wilber’s CD program Kosmic Consciousness (published by Sounds True). This is one of the most profound CD sets I’ve listened to. His all encompassing “integral philosophy” struck a chord deep inside me, satisfying a thirst and hunger for answers about how all of life’s unique components somehow fit “integrally” together. Ken’s work is not for the faint of heart, but for the inquisitive mind and those on a committed path of consciousness — his “integral map” serves as a useful guiding tool. I’ve listened to Kosmic Consciousness several times, and am ready for another listen — there is much to absorb. If you don’t already have this CD set, I highly recommend it! (You may even want to listen to it before my interview with Ken) If you aren’t already familar with his work, this is one call you won’t want to miss! I couldn’t be more honored to bring Ken Wilber to the Conversations with the Masters series.

About Ken Wilber:

With more than two dozen published books, Ken Wilber has created what is widely considered the first truly comprehensive Integral Map of human experience. By exploring and integrating the major insights and conclusions of nearly every human knowledge domain in existence, Ken created the AQAL Integral Framework, a framework that is both grounded in millennia of human understanding, and yet still grows and expands to embrace new information.

In 1997, Ken founded Integral Institute (, a non-profit think-tank that brought together literally hundreds of the brightest integral thinkers alive, and it was in this highly creative atmosphere that individuals shared how the Integral model might be modified and improved, based on real-world application.

In 2003, Ken started recording some of these cutting-edge conversations—all with people at the top of their profession, like Michael Crichton, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Genpo Roshi, Larry Dossey, etc.—and made them available weekly on Integral Naked (, which has nearly six years of the finest Integral audio and video content available anywhere.

In 2005, Ken created Integral Life Spiritual Center, and its yearly gatherings have consistently brought together over forty of the world’s finest spiritual teachers, all of whom dedicated to exploring a truly Integral Spirituality. Wilber’s latest endeavor is Integral Life (, with CEO Robb Smith, a for-profit extension of Integral Institute dedicated to offering practical, easy-to-understand ways to live a genuinely integral life, and to create a place for integral community to take root and grow. You can find Integral Life Spiritual Center’s exciting 5-year Integral Spiritual Experience program at the Integral Life website.

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DESCRIPTION – Kosmic Consciousness

(I’ve included the description of Kosmic Consciousness CD’s to help you understand more about his work. Again, I highly recommend this audio series — and I don’t get a penny for recommending it!)

The Ken Wilber Sessions—An Unprecedented Audio Learning Experience

Before the birth of the universe there existed your “Original Face,” the limitless Self that has been present throughout the unfolding of inert matter into life—and that continues to dwell within us at every level of consciousness. Where is this grand evolution taking us—and how can each of us participate more fully in it? On Kosmic Consciousness, Ken Wilber invites you to find out.

Since the first publication of his groundbreaking ideas at the age of 23, Ken Wilber has sought to bring together the world’s far-ranging spiritual teachings, philosophies, and scientific truths into one coherent and all-embracing vision. This “integral” map of the Kosmos (the universe that includes the physical cosmos as well as the realms of consciousness and Spirit) offers an unprecedented guide to discovering your highest potentials. Now, this legendary author invites you to discover these insights in his first full-length audio learning course. In 10 fascinating sessions, Wilber pursues questions especially relevant to spiritual seekers: What are the most effective tools for “jumping” to the next level in your spiritual, creative, and cognitive development? Does prayer work? How do women and men experience consciousness differently? Is subtle energy real and, if so, how do we harness it? Why is developing “witness consciousness” so crucial for self-realization? Can we cultivate infinite love by loving one, finite person? What, exactly, does “kosmic consciousness” feel like?

One of our greatest possibilities, teaches Wilber, is “to balance and harmonize our experiences at whatever stage of growth we are in—and to deepen our capacity for compassion, consciousness, and care.” For Ken Wilber’s many avid readers, and anyone who has been waiting for a highly accessible invitation to his work, here is one of the most significant thinkers of our time—spontaneous, passionate, irreverent—sharing a feast of ideas to inspire you on your evolution toward Kosmic Consciousness.

Kosmic Consciousness Highlights:

  • The “one taste” of the Kosmos
  • Quadrants, lines, states, types, and stages—a complete introduction to the Integral Map
  • Assessing your constellation of “multiple intelligences”
  • The Good, the True, and the Beautiful—three realms of experience explored
  • How meditation works and why it is the most reliable tool for personal development
  • Feminine and masculine drives—how our biology influences our spiritual evolution
  • The chakra system, a paradigm for the unfolding self
  • Integral insights for artists, business people, and athletes
  • Altered states of consciousness—how they can catalyze (or hinder) transformation
  • Sexuality and lovemaking in the gross, subtle, and causal bodies
  • The”pre-trans fallacy,” an essential insight for evaluating spiritual tools, traditions, and teachers
  • How fearlessness grows as your sense of self expands
  • Four definitions of spirituality
  • The ego—is it a vehicle or an obstacle to awakening?
  • Lucid dreaming, astrology, brain machines, and the Enneagram—integral perspectives
  • Mystical experiences in nature—a window into spirit
  • How love “re-wires” the self
  • Could your dog be an enlightened master?
  • Basic moral intuition—a compass for our actions in the world
  • Cultural “centers of gravity” and how they influence us
  • Insights of Jurgen Habermas, Jean Gebser, Carol Gilligan, Howard Gardner, Clare Graves, Jane Loevinger, and others
  • Reincarnation—myth or provable phenomenon?
  • What does an enlightened teacher “transmit”?
  • Ascending, descending, and “non-dual” spiritual paths
  • Tantra and the “embrace of heaven and earth”
  • More than 12 hours of insights in a rare series of meetings with Ken Wilber – LINK TO ORDER


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