Inner Peace Infusion Retreat Home Study

How to effectively transform inner 
turmoil to inner peace — even in the 
most challenging of moments.


When I asked via survey “What would be available to you if you
were enjoying greater inner peace
?”, this is what was said:

80.7% would ENJOY LIFE more fully
76.4% would be more PRODUCTIVE
76.1% would be empowered to more fully live their LIFE’S PURPOSE
75.3% would positively impact their HEALTH
73.3% would listen to INNER GUIDANCE easier
72.4% would have LESS mind chatter
71.6% would be LESS judgmental and critical of themself
67.2% would have greater AUTHENTICITY and full self-expression
64.7% would have greater connection and intimacy in RELATIONSHIPS
60.1% would make more MONEY

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of greater inner peace (and really, who doesn’t want MORE inner peace?), today is your lucky day!

I’ve combined my most popular and best-selling inner peace resources into ONE complete package. All designed to radically boost your inner peace.

The next best thing to spending 5 days with me…

If you secretly wanted to attend my Inner Peace Immersion Retreat, let me just say this IS the next best way to access the juiciest insights in the convenience of your home, at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Let me sum it up.

With this unique package, you’ll:

* Master Finding Calm in Any Moment (regardless of what’s going on externally or internally!)

* Learn how the 12 Facets of Inner Peace can guide you to new depths of inner peace, while pushing the edges of your personal and spiritual growth. (I GUARANTEE there isn’t a tool out there like this! It’s truly one of my best kept secrets.)

* Be guided into a profound, new loving relationship with yourself(even if you’ve never felt lovable before). You know your connection with yourself affects everything in life… your happiness, relationships, finances, health and inner peace.

* Learn how to master living in the present moment (it’s easier than you think).

* Receive the 3 essential “bonus” tools to set yourself up for your truly best year ever!

* And much more…

Inner Peace Infusion
SUPER Bundle

Here’s what you receive:

#1: Inner Peace Infusion Retreat CD’s & Workbook.

You’ll soon be finding calm in any moment with…

  • 7 CD’s or MP3’s
  • Complete transcripts
  • 55 page Workbook (this is packed full of valuable resources)
  • Inner Peace Wheel

Just some of what’s covered in this rich material:

  • 3 Themes of Inner Peace and why each is essential to enjoying more of it!
  • How to Anchor Inner Peace so you can always find it.
  • 12 Facets of Inner Peace – the ultimate personal development tool to deepen inner peace and emotional freedom in your life.
  • Why Meditation is your ally and 4 Simple Keys to Making Meditation work for you.
  • 7 Keys to Quickly Return to Inner Peace in Any Moment.
  • Finding Your Peaceful Power so you can immediately access it when you need it most!
  • Mastering the Inner Peace Reality Check Process – 6 simple questions to transform inner turmoil in minutes!
  • Dancing with Resistance instead of allowing frustration, anger, worry, procrastination and its other disguises to run you!
  • Self-love Visualization – to guide you into a profound, new loving relationship with yourself.
  • Embracing Your Shadow, the key to emotional freedom and spiritual wholeness.
  • Transforming Debilitating Patterns that keep disrupting your productivity, relationships and your life!
  • The Big 3 Inner Peace Practices to do everyday so your inner peace quotient grows exponentially.
  • Inner Peace & Your Goals – How inner peace is integral to your success.

RETAIL PRICE for Inner Peace Infusion Retreat Home Study Program,
complete transcripts and 55 page workbook is $497

(But, that’s not even close to
what you’ll pay today…keep reading!)

You’ll also receive…

#2: Your own personally ***autographed*** copy of my bookThe Power of Inner Choice: 12 Weeks to Living a Life YOU Love.”

* 12 Paths to Inner Peace Regardless of What’s Going on Externally.

* This is the full 365 page soft cover book for you to reference again and again.

NOTE: If you already have a copy of my book, remember it makes an awesome gift!



#3: 2 CD’s from my popular Essential Foundations for Inner Peace package:

bonus1CD #1 – Secrets to Everyday Inner Peace: Eavesdrop in on a power-packed call where I answer audience’s biggest questions about experiencing greater everday inner peace.

bonus2CD #2 – Inner Peace for Conscious Achievers: Because Success is Nothing Without Inner Peace. Dive deeper into the 6 Powerful Questions that can transform inner turmoil in minutes.


I’m also GIFTING you with something more.

When you take advantage of this exclusive offer you’ll receive the BEST of what I have to support your inner peace quotient, AND something to boost your success, because inner peace AND success do go hand in hand.

That’s why I’m ALSO throwing in 3 “extras” to ensure you set yourself up for your best year ever in 2012. These three resources are exactly what you need to get crystal clear about your goals and what’s most important to you, so you can focus and align your energy with precision.

#4: PLUS…the “Best Year Ever” BONUS Pack.

These three resources are exactly what you need to get crystal clear about your goals and what’s most important to you, so you can focus and align your energy with precision.

(But, you can’t buy these separately anywhere).bonus

  • Creating your Yearlong Vision:
    9 Keys to Creating a 12-Month Vision
    Retail value $19.95
  • End of Year Completion:
    5 Steps to Acknowledge, Appreciate,
    & Celebrate the Year
    Retail value $19.95
  • New Year Creation: 4 Ways to Create & Emotionally Connect with Your Vision
    Retail value $19.95


#5: Your Daily Gem eBook
207 Favorite Quotes to Enlighten and Inspire.Hand-selected quotes.

* Beautiful layout to stir the soul.

* Thought-provoking quotes.

* Conveniently assembled to give your spirit a lift in seconds.

Taken from the popular “Your Daily Gem” email series.



= $666.48 for CD Bundle
= $566.48 for MP3 Bundle

But, this isn’t what you’ll pay to receive this entire package.

For you… for a limited time, you can enjoy all benefits of inner peace and this entire collection for ONLY $97.




Here’s a quick recap of this exclusive one-time-only…

SPECIAL Inner Peace Infusion SUPER Bundle includes:

* Inner Peace Infusion Retreat – 7 CD’s, 55 Page Workbook, Transcripts and exclusive Inner Peace Wheel (Retail Value $497)

* The Power of Inner Choice: 12 Weeks to Living a Life You Love (Retail Value $16.95)

* CD #1 – Secrets to Everday Inner Peace (Retail Value $39)

* CD #2 – Inner Peace for Conscious Achievers (Retail Value $39)

* 3 BONUS MP3’s – Creating your Yearlong Vision, End of Year Completion and New Year Creation – (Retail Value $59.85)

* Your Daily Gem eBook (Retail Value $14.95)


Offer is good ONLY for a limited time.

A friend of mine was shocked this entire package is only $97, even saying “That’s cheap!” While it’s truly a remarkable price, don’t mistake this bundle to be “light” in content. I just didn’t want price to limit anyone from the life-altering components of this package.

Here’s the deal. I really, really, really want you to enjoy exponentially greater inner peace. This is, by far, the most robust offer to get you started.

This investment is equivalent to a single one hour of one-on-one coaching with me, but you receive over 14 hours of priceless information you can access and share with your loved ones again and again.

What would it be worth to you to know, without a shadow of a doubt, how to access your inner peace and power in any moment?

* How much more productive would you be?
* How much more available would you be to loved ones?
* How much more enjoyable would life become?

The vast majority of suffering you experience through stress, overwhelm, self-doubt, fear and frustration are completely unnecessary.   You can enjoy exponentially greater inner peace.  The keys lie in this simple package.

Give yourself, or a loved one, the gift of inner peace today.

Mary Allen
aka Life Coach Mary
America’s Inner Peace Coach


Here’s what others are saying about me, my book The Power of Inner Choice and my inner peace resources.

Several of them were at the retreat where the Inner Peace Infusion Retreat was recorded.

“Mary Allen is one of the rare teachers around today who has the honesty, the authenticity, the articulation and the humor to help you shift out of your mind and into the unlimited possibilities of living in the present moment.”
— Arjuna Ardagh, Author of The Translucent Revolution

“Mary Allen is the real deal and she can show you how to awaken your deepest desires and achieve your biggest goals while nourishing your soul on all levels.” — Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret

“I love the concept of looking at challenge as an opportunity to bring myself to peace. I feel a sense of calm and hope. I learned that it’s not about having inner peace constantly, but about how quickly we can bring ourselves back to peace. Before I used to try and FILL my time and space, now I simply embrace peace and stillness more than before!”
— Colleen McGunnigle, NY

“It’s amazing how much my life has changed since finding Mary. I have found an inner peace that I never knew existed and have reduced my stress level by about 90%. I have also found more love, confidence and self-value in myself. My personal and business relationships have expanded as a result.”
— Cindy Holbrook, CA

“In her book, The Power of Inner Choice, Mary Allen has compiled a wealth of tools and resources – both inner and outer – to support you in consciously directing your untapped potential and creating a life that you love.”
Debbie Ford, #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, The Right Questions and The Best Year of Your Life

“I am 49 and have never read or bought a self help book before, didn’t think I needed them; figured those are for people with problems—however when I encountered a situation where I desperately needed to understand my longtime boyfriend’s unexplainable struggle with inner peace with marriage, I read Mary’s book, ‘The Power of Inner Choice.’ The truth is, it should be called the Power of Inner Peace. It changed my life as it so clearly explained the sources of stress, how we create it, how to recognize it and how to deal with it, and therefore achieve inner peace. It was gold. It was power. Finally something tangible I could discuss with him that we both could understand. Nothing else came close. Needless to say we overcame the self created stresses, (and more importantly became more aware of the recognition when it starts to happen) and are now very happily married and have total inner peace with marriage. Thanks Mary!”
— JM, Mission Viejo, CA, Attorney

“I really, really, am enjoying Mary’s book. I’m about half way done with it and I think she has a true gift for reframing life’s issues. I also particularly enjoy the “conversations” she has created and the “definitions” included in the book. I think a lot of men lack the verbal resources to articulate our feelings so we need this kind of approach so we can put words onto feelings and hence master them.”
–Dan Janal, PR LEADS Expert Resource Network

“I feel more “whole” in my ability to be a walking and talking innerly peaceful man. The retreat has allowed me to integrate all my parts and pieces, goals and dreams into a collective whole being. I’m noticing faster when I am out of touch with my inner peace and shift. I call it being a “proactive peace creator.”
–- Jim Ross, San Jose, CA

“I struggled with the resentment, anger and frustration I felt from the results of divorce after 6 years of marriage. I learned to understand and accept all those negative emotions and let go of the pain. I was able to move on to an amazing relationship with exciting new goals. I learned to make the most of every day and really understand what I wanted in my life. When my partner of 3-1/2 years died in front of me unexpectedly, I was devastated. With the foundation I had built from the wealth of knowledge from Mary’s book, programs and coaching, I was able to work through my grief and take care of my responsibilities. The NOW practices were really helpful to create focus when I felt overwhelmed with emotions and unable to function. I’ve learned so much from Mary in the last 5 years, that I’ve recently started doing the exercises again as I explore new goals and relationships. While I still miss Carl, I’m at a place of peace.”
-– Amanda, Kearney, MO
Network Operations Engineer

“As a single mom of a three year old and two businesses to run, it’s not always easy. There is a lot to juggle and challenge my inner calm. But, because of Mary, I’ve become more masterful at quickly returning to inner peace when I need it most. I’m inspired to take the time needed to keep inner peace alive in my life. It makes me a better mom, a better business owner and gives me a life I love.”
— Grace Cruz, Bal Harbour, FL
Personal Trainer & Health Consultant

“Mary has made an enormous difference in my life and I do not say that lightly. I am a successful entrepreneur, but I often forget about myself and let adrenaline take the best of me. She has not only guided me to slow down and find my own inner peace, but she has guided me to being graceful in business. When I am seeking inspired solutions in my life and business I reach out to Mary.”
— Suzanne Evans, Murrells Inlet, SC
Authentic Marketing and Action Expert

“As an accountant, I grew frustrated with the predictable stress associated with tax season. I hired Mary to help me maximize my inner peace throughout this time…and affectionately called it, ‘Zen and the Art of Tax Season.’ For the last three seasons, I have enjoyed an inner peace other accountants can’t imagine. It’s fun to surprise people. Clients are still amazed how peaceful I am during tax season. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Mary has an extraordinary skill for bringing one from where ever they may be – back into the present moment. She can take you from distraction to ‘aha’ and peace in record time.”
— John M, San Jose, CA
Tax Accountant and Financial Planner

“During the retreat I realized how l had let go of my enthusiasm, appreciation and amazement of myself. I now feel I have greater clarity, more strength and appreciation for all aspects of myself. I expect to immediately access 80% more joy, then quickly follow to 100%. My relationship with my husband will dramatically improve as I stay in inner peace. As a Mom, “I hold the key” to the family atmosphere.”
-– Sheila Jenkins, Ventura, CA

“A mentor once told me that true breakthroughs and insights rarely, if ever, interrupt you. They are much more gradual and gentle. You just awaken to them. If that’s true, then Mary Allen’s “Inner Peace Infusion Retreat” was an almost constant stream of some of the most gentle and impactful breakthroughs and insights I’ve ever experienced. I especially like the wonderful metaphor she used to easily demonstrate to us that we are, indeed, the sum of all our parts — our virtues and our vices, our gifts and our faults, our love and our fear — and that without any one of them, we are not able to take our full place in the matrix of creation. The shifts Mary helped me to make are so subtle that I’m not sure I could describe any of them in detail. I do know, though, that by the end of the retreat I was a decidedly more complete and comfortable person than I was at the beginning. Mary is a truly inspired teacher and guide.”
— Randy Henderson, Pasadena, CA — Attorney at Law

“Mary has taken me on an enlightened journey exploring the spectrum of possibilities to achieve a level of Inner Peace that I never imagined would become such an integral part of my everyday life. The power of awareness (being in the now) and living from a completely centered place has directly impacted my ability to make choices that truly honor myself and in turn others. My relationships in all aspects of my life have grown deeper and more real through my exploration of my authentic self. Mary provides the tools we need to reshape our limited belief structures and then takes them to a higher level to show us how to open the door to finding our true voice and positively impact our lives and those around us. My approach to life has completely been transformed since I’ve been a participant in Mary’s programs – I’m more at peace, content, and happier than I’ve ever been.
— Jeanne Pochily, Alton Bay, NH

“The Power of Inner Choice helps individuals first identify what is important to them personally and then develops necessary life skills. I recommend Mary’s book as an important part of a coaching PROCESS.”
— Laura Whitworth, Co-Founder, The Coaches Training Institute, Co-author, Co-Active Coaching.

Okay, last chance to snatch up your SPECIAL Inner Peace Infusion SUPER Bundle before this opportunity disappears.


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