Essential Foundations for Inner Peace

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1. The Power of Inner Choice:
12 Weeks to Living a Life YOU Love
(Soft Cover BOOK)

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This gorgeous 365 page book is the perfect guide to coaching yourself to greater success and inner peace with powerful exercises, inspiring examples and practical tips. Based on 12 timeless lessons including:

* Lesson #1 – The Power of the NOW

* Lesson #2 – Good Vibrations

* Lesson #3 – Spirit vs. Ego

* Lesson #4 – Your Heart’s Desire

* Lesson #5 – Taking Inspired Action

* Lesson #6 – Eliminating Obstacles

* Lesson #7 – Expand Your Ability To Receive

* Lesson #8 – Embracing Reality

* Lesson #9 – Releasing Stressful Thoughts

* Lesson #10 – Taking Responsibility

* Lesson #11 – Being You (all about Loving Yourself Fully)

* Lesson #12 – The Path of Simplicity

In Chapter 3, The Compounding Effect of Choice you’ll see how the “simple disciplines” and “simple errors in judgment” are shaping your life. Every choice counts.

“In her book, The Power of Inner Choice, Mary Allen has compiled a wealth of tools and resources – both inner and outer – to support you in consciously directing your untapped potential and creating a life that you love.”-Debbie Ford, #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, The Right Questions, and The Best Year of Your Life

“The Power of Inner Choice helps individuals first identify what is important to them personally and then develops necessary life skills. I recommend Mary’s book as an important part of a coaching PROCESS.” -Laura Whitworth, Co-Founder, The Coaches Training Institute, Co-Author, Co-Active Coaching

“I like The Power of Inner Choice by Mary Allen. The book has many treasure inside, which all come from within and are true. One can benefit significantly from studying this book.” –-Bijan, Speaker and Author of Effortless Prosperity



2. The Power of Inner Choice:
12 Weeks to Living a Life YOU Love

(eBOOK version)

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“I am 49 and have never read or bought a self help book before, didn’t think I needed them; figured those are for people with problems—however when I encountered a situation where I desperately needed to understand my longtime boyfriend’s unexplainable struggle with inner peace with marriage, I read Mary’s book, ‘The Power of Inner Choice.’ The truth is, it should be called the Power of Inner Peace. It changed my life as it so clearly explained the sources of stress, how we create it, how to recognize it and how to deal with it, and therefore achieve inner peace. It was gold. It was power. Finally something tangible I could discuss with him that we both could understand. Nothing else came close. Needless to say we overcame the self created stresses, (and more importantly became more aware of the recognition when it starts to happen) and are now very happily married and have total inner peace with marriage. Thanks Mary!” – JM, Mission Viejo, CA, Attorney

“I really, really, am enjoying Mary’s book. I’m about half way done with it and I think she has a true gift for reframing life’s issues. I also particularly enjoy the “conversations” she has created and the “definitions”  included in the book. I think a lot of men lack the verbal resources to articulate our feelings so we need this kind of approach so we can put words onto feelings and hence master them.” –Dan Janal, PR LEADS Expert Resource Network



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3. CD #1: “Secrets to Everyday Inner Peace”

Secrets to Everyday Inner Peace CD

Life Coach Mary Allen addresses your most pressing and burning questions about experiencing everyday inner peace.

* Receive a concentrated dose of the best tips, strategies and guidance to help you find and inner peace in any moment, so you’re prepared to handle anything that comes your way!

* Immediate access MP3 recording of this exclusive call.

* Complete transcript in PDF format.

* CD of “Secrets to Everyday Inner Peace” shipped to your home.

“I love the concept of looking at challenge as an opportunity to bring myself to peace. I feel a sense of calm and hope. I learned that it’s not about having inner peace constantly, but about how quickly we can bring ourselves back to peace. Before I used to try and FILL my time and space, now I simply embrace peace and stillness more than before!” – Colleen McGunnigle, NY



4. CD #2 – “Inner Peace for Conscious Achievers”

Inner Peace for Conscious Achievers CD

If you consider yourself a “conscious achiever” you’re someone who wants all the joys of success, yet have a sincere desire for something deeper. Yet, no matter how many books you’ve read or seminars you’ve attended, we ALL get caught up in reactive emotions, at least occasionally. On this call (and CD), you’ll learn how to use 6 powerful questions to re-ignite momentum and transform “stuckness” in minutes, no matter what is going on externally.

* Immediate access MP3 recording immediately after the call.

* Complete transcript in PDF format.

* CD of “Inner Peace For Conscious Achievers” shipped to your home.

“It’s amazing how much my life has changed since finding Mary. I have found an inner peace that I never knew existed and have reduced my stress level by about 90%. I have also found more love, confidence and self-value in myself. My personal and business relationships have expanded as a result.” – Cindy Holbrook, CA



5.“Your Daily Gem” eBook

Cover_Daily_Gem_Book_05_small207 Favorite Quotes to Enlighten and Inspire. Hand-selected quotes by Mary Allen.

* Beautiful layout to stir the soul.

* Thought-provoking quotes.

* Conveniently assembled to give your spirit a lift in seconds.

Taken from the popular “Your Daily Gem” email series.

I want you to know that The Daily Gems mean so much to me! It is so wonderful to receive such consistent inspiration. There have been many days that they were the light at the end of the tunnel for me and kept me afloat. THANK YOU!!!! – Andrea

Just wanted to say THANKS for your Daily Gems. We all receive and delete a lot of emails. These are one’s I look forward to opening. Thanks for taking the time. – Gary

When Your Daily Gem arrives I make time to read and reflect. Whether I am conscious of it or not, the daily quote/thought/message stays with me and resonates within at least throughout the day. Once again, thank you for the inspiration and the perspiration to make it happen! – Frank (Rusty) Briggs



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