Awakening Beyond Achievement


Find it. Keep it. Deepen it. Live it.

The Truth About Finding, Keeping, Living And Deepening
“Spiritual Awakening” and Inner Peace In Today’s
Busy World, As You Realize Your Greatest Potential,

Express Your Divine Gifts And Enjoy Outrageous Success.

Discover 5 Simple Secrets Every Conscious Achiever Practices To
Create and Sustain Success and Inner Peace Consistently.

Dear Friend,

The world is shifting. Breathe in the new era where everyday people can enjoy the same awakened states as Zen monks while simultaneously experiencing material success of six and seven figure plus incomes.

Yes, you read that right.

For thousands of years, the only way to experience awakening was to isolate in a Buddhist monastery or Ashram, retreat from the material world and spend countless hours meditating, chanting and attending Satsangs.

On the other side of the fence, if we’re honest, most don’t consider CEO’s, entrepreneurs, busy moms, coaches or business leaders as living in awakened states.

In fact, outrageous success and spiritual awakening seem like polar opposites, don’t they? Could they be experienced simultaneously in one human being?

The Truth About Awakening In Today’s World.

Would it shock you to know that lots of “regular people” are experiencing awakenings? One of my spiritual mentors, Arjuna Ardagh interviewed 170 people for his book The Translucent Revolution. Each had experienced significant awakenings. He spoke with modern day sages. Perhaps more inspiring, is to learn Arjuna spoke with thousands of “regular people” who had also stumbled into awakening, many of whom are multimillionaires.

Shhhh! I’m Coming Out Of The Closet…(again!)

On the outside, I may not appear to be at all like most awakened spiritual masters. I’m definitely NOT a Zen Monk. You won’t find me meditating for hours a day. You’ll notice, I don’t always move s-l-o-w-l-y. In fact, I’m in constant motion as the mother of 15 month old twins. I certainly don’t fit the stereotype of renown sages. And, I wouldn’t even consider myself a liberal.

image4In fact, I’m A LOT like many modern day women. I experience emotional turbulence around “that time of the month.” When I’m not sporting sweats and comfy mommy-attire, I wear make-up and designer clothes (usually from TJ Maxx) and I highlight my hair. You’ll find me indulging in The Ellen Show and Rachael Ray on TV (along with The Bachelor, Shark Tank and now, Parenthood).

I love Golden Retrievers, watching chick flicks, and sweating at the gym. I also enjoy the tantalizing pleasures of gourmet food, a fine red wine and making love with my husband John.

For many years, I considered myself a seeker…on a path of consciousness. I read books, listened to audio programs and attended workshops by all the modern day mystics.

Something Happened In 2003 That Changed My Life Forever…

I had a profound spiritual awakening (maybe you have too?). As I look back, I can see that throughout my life I’ve had a series of awakenings.

But, this one was distinctly different. This experience gave me access to an inner peace I hadn’t known before. Suddenly all the writings of the spiritual masters made sense, and the seeking part of me disappeared.


“Mary Allen is one of the rare teachers around today…”

arjuna2“Mary Allen is one of the rare teachers around today who has the honesty, the authenticity, the articulation and the humor to help you shift out of your mind and into the unlimited possibilities of living in the present moment.”

— Arjuna Ardagh, Author of The Translucent Revolution


Awakening Is Kind Of Like An Orgasm

Most people’s eyes glaze over when I describe the most profound “happening” of my life. It’s a lot like trying to explain an orgasm to someone who hasn’t had one. Words fail. Until one experiences orgasm personally, it remains an elusive concept.



So I didn’t talk much about it…

The truth is, I was afraid to get too public about my realization. Would people question the legitimacy of my experience? Could I really help others experience this orgasmic awakening I stumbled upon? Who was I, a blond nonetheless, to guide others in their most sacred discovery?

My Awakening WAS My Best Kept Secret…

For the past 15+ years, I’ve coached thousands of people just like you… (along with numerous millionaires and even a couple billionaires), helping clients realize their most important goals, create fulfilling relationships, find greater balance and live a life they love. I’m trained to help clients clarify their visions, then align mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically so they magnetically attract their deepest desires.

After My Awakening, 14 Years Ago, I Could Say,
“It Was Pretty Much Business As Usual,”
But That Wouldn’t Be Entirely Honest.

In the absence of seeking came a tremendous burst of creativity and inspiration. The next thing I knew, the 12 lessons in my book The Power of Inner Choice emerged as an ecourse – and my publisher saw it fit for printing! And, just like that…I was a published author. (I even got a phone call from The Oprah Winfrey Show, but I was too chicken then to submit my proposal). These 12 lessons would also help me deepen my own awakening over the next 14 years.

Other extraordinary miracles occurred. I found myself humbly hosting Conversations with the Masters, interviewing the best-selling authors who had most impacted my life, including Byron Katie, Wayne Dyer, Dr. David Hawkins, Ken Wilber, Caroline Myss, Debbie Ford and countless others.

More Blessings of Awakening…

image218 months after my awakening, I met my husband John and knew within a couple days, he was “the one.” He proposed a year later, and we married in 2006. I dare say, he’s my perfect soulmate.

Over the years, I had accumulated a lot of debt ($65K at its peak). But, soon after my surprise awakening, something began to shift, and the debt magically dwindled! (I didn’t win the lottery. I simply honored the inspiration guiding me.)

IMG_6485Shortly after my book tour, another creative burst of energy emerged as a yearlong group coaching program, the Success and Inner Peace Boot Camp. Three years after my awakening, this was my first attempt to share my “experience” of inner peace more directly in my work. (This program also boosted my income beyond six figures, and allowed me to eliminate the last of my ~$30K debt and build $20K in savings in just 9 months.)

And, this newfound inner peace became my grounding as I ultimately became pregnant, gave birth to healthy twins and navigated the first year with newborns and infants with more inner peace than the average mama bear.


“Mary holds a powerful space of inspired learning
that yield countless ‘ah-ha’s’ for participants…”

stack“The Awakening Beyond Achievement Program is a wonderful opportunity to explore the whole concept of radical awakening in a nurturing organic environment. As facilitator and life coach, Mary holds a powerful space of inspired learning that yields countless “ah-hah’s” for participants that encourages them to come into awareness about their day today living and how one best expresses their gifts to the world.”

— Robert Stack, Palm Beach, FL  |


Inner Peace Is The #1 By-Product Of Awakening.

For me, inner peace is code for “awakening.” I didn’t believe people would be interested in a program if I used the “A” word. It is quite an elusive concept. And, inner peace is something everyone can relate to, right?

So, for the last several years, I settled in as America’s Inner Peace Coach.

It’s true, I help people find inner peace, quickly return to inner peace and deepen their experience of inner peace. Yet, this title lumped me into the same category as “stress management consultants” and glossed over the single most important key to enjoying everyday inner peace — AWAKENING.

I’ve since discovered how thousands are hungry to experience awakening — so they can understand what inner peace is really about.

Are YOU Ready For A Radical Awakening?

A few years ago, I discovered exactly how to guide anyone, including you, into radical awakening. It’s actually quite simple (as long as one is genuinely open to it.)

Over the years, I’ve witnessed and facilitated awakenings for hundreds and hundreds of workshop participants, clients and friends. (Long before I knew what I was doing!). Each time, doors of opportunity open, bank accounts expand and inner peace becomes readily available.

My story also illustrates what’s possible…publishing a book, attracting a soulmate, getting out of debt, breaking six figures, giving birth to twins over 40, an ever-unfolding expression of my gifts to the world and of course, greater inner peace.

Who knows what’s in store for you.

Would you like to find out?

It’s Important To Understand, This Is Just The First Step In
Integrating This Consciousness Into Everyday Life.

If you’ve had a radical awakening, you already know what I’m talking about.

Life doesn’t instantaneously get “perfect.

It’s not unusual for people to struggle and flounder after such a life-altering revelation. Partly because the vast majority of spiritual teachers are experts at guiding people into awakening, but NOT so great at coaching others to live in the everyday world. Financial pressure, busy schedules and the influence of a mostly unconscious world are prevalent.


Most of us can’t afford to drop all income sources to pursue and integrate awakening. It’s just not practical. So it’s helpful to have someone in your corner who understands both awakening AND thriving in everyday life.

It has now been 10 years since my awakening. I’ve learned the hard way about what helps (and what doesn’t) when it comes to living into consciousness while expanding your success.

I would love to share these findings with you, as I have for hundreds of people.

I’m the first to admit, I don’t come in the packaging you might expect from a teacher of awakening. But, I KNOW awakening. And I know how to guide others into a greater experience of success and inner peace.

“Mary Allen is the Real Deal.”

arielleford“Mary Allen is the real deal and she can show you how to awaken your deepest desires and achieve your biggest goals while nourishing your soul on all levels.”

— Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret |


There is another key difference between me and other spiritual teachers.

Most Spiritual Teachers Insist You Drop ALL Goals.

I won’t do that.

First off, living into awakening is ultimately about allowing your gifts to be fully expressed to the world. That can’t happen if you stop engaging with the world. Besides, your desires give us clues about how to best express your gifts. Awakening in today’s world, is not about blissing out on a rock in India (although, no offense to those who are choosing that path).

Secondly, I’m a life coach.

Helping clients realize goals IS one of my gifts. It’s a joy to see clients lean into their highest potential. Clarifying visions, taking inspired action and realizing results is as elementary as the ABC’s for me. I also know, first hand, that if you can create against a backdrop of inner peace (the by-product of awakening), you’ll manifest your goals more quickly. As I’ve discovered, everything comes from inner peace.

You’ll soon discover how success and inner peace are intertwined. What stunts success also stunts inner peace. The good news is…you can open yourself up to realizing more of BOTH by doing the deeper personal growth work.

This Is The Program You’ve Been Waiting For:

In The Comfort of Your Own Home, You Can
Experience “Radical Awakening,” Clarify Your Vision
And Leave With The Exact Practices Needed To Help
You Create And Sustain Success And Inner Peace.


I know it sounds like a tall order.

But, I know…without a shadow of a doubt…I can deliver.

Let’s make this easy!


Instant Access to the Full MP3 Recordings of the entire Awakening Beyond Achievement Program, which you can download to your computer or iPod and 4 CD’s.

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If You’re Still Reading This Page, You’re
Probably One Of Two Types Of People…

Type A…(no pun intended)

You’re a “conscious achiever” who has experienced success in one or more areas of life…and simultaneously wants a deeper understanding of awakening.

The Conscious Achievers I work with enjoy pushing the edges of their potential, maximizing productivity, while enjoying a lifestyle of luxury (that means keeping earnings high). They want intimate and passionate relationships. They want vibrant health. They want to express their gifts fully in the world.

The Conscious Achievers I work with also want the deepest realization of who they are. They want awakening. Unfortunately, awakening isn’t achieved in the same way as other goals are, through efforting and raw determination. (But, I can help you).

Or maybe you’ve already experienced awakening, but aren’t 100% sure. You would think it’s easy to recognize. Sometimes it is. Yet, when we don’t have language for an “experience” – it may come and go like any other peak experience.

Or maybe you’ve already experienced awakening and struggle to integrate it fully into your everyday life.


“With Mary on your side, you get warmth,
clarity, vision, support, and so much more.”

coachvanessa“Her presence is exactly what she promotes – inner peace and awakening. Being around her is like taking a relaxing, deep exhale.

Not only will she equip you with the tools that you need to create success, she’ll help you access that place within yourself where you radiate the best of who you are as you go about your daily life. I had the pleasure of interviewing her for the Let Your Life Bloom™ teleseries and received powerfully positive feedback from those who heard the call. Thank you Mary, for all that you do in the world!”

— Vanessa Smith, Wellness Coach & Intuitive  |


The Awakening Isn’t Actually The Big Deal, It’s How You
Live Into Your Awakening and Inner Peace
and DEEPEN It On A Daily Basis That Matters.

I can help you realize awakening AND then help you successfully integrate this awareness in your everyday life.

Or maybe you’re a…

Type B…

Perhaps, you know the spacious stillness of awakening, yet still struggle to manifest and achieve your most important goals.

You’ll be happy to know you can continue to deepen awakening AND finally enjoy material success, which may be just out of grasp – until now.

If you have a sincere desire to enjoy greater wealth, attract your soulmate, lose weight, build a business or achieve any other creative goal – I’ll help you find the sustainable inspiration you need to make it your reality.

Here’s what you can expect to realize with the
Awakening Beyond Achievement Home Study.

You will:


Experience “radical awakening” (maybe for the very first time) so you know how to find, access and deepen your reservoir of inner peace when you need it most.


Clarify your vision so you stay focused on what’s most important to you and less distracted by everything else.


Understand what is really fueling your inspiration so you consciously create and sustain effortless momentum and realize your goals (even the ones that seem out of reach).


Allow yourself to align more completely with your vision so you magnetize your vision more quickly and easily.


Readily understand how success and inner peace are intertwined so you can enjoy more of BOTH of them in your life. (What interferes with success is also interfering with your inner peace – and vice versa.)


Discover the many diverse faces of resistance, so you can begin to lessen its disruptive impact on your success and inner peace.


Learn 4 key ways to “relax resistance” so you can increase productivity enjoy greater inner peace and maximize flow.


Understand how easy it really is to transform inner turmoil in minutes (regardless of what is going on externally) so you can always find your powerful center and stop unnecessary suffering – any time you choose.


Begin to master the single most important relationship for sustainable success and inner peace (HINT: It’s NOT your relationship with yourself or others.)


Understand the 3 key types of spiritual practices, which are essential to deepening awakening, expanding inner peace and perpetuating success.


Discover the single biggest reason most people fail to realize success, inner peace and awakening – so you can truly make inspired changes in your life (instead of just talking about it.)


Learn simple strategies for instantaneous inner peace so you can find calm in any moment and add 10 years to your life. (NOTE: Happy and peaceful people live on average an additional 10 years!)


Receive a sneak preview of the 12 Facets of Inner Peace to help you identify your biggest blind spots in evolving your consciousness and deepening inner peace. (I go into greater detail about the 12 Facets in my Inner Peace Infusion Retreat Home Study Program and at my retreats.)

And, because I want to give you everything you need to find, keep, live and deepen awakening and inner peace, I’ve put together these Amazing Bonuses to complement your “Awakening Beyond Achievement” Home Study, and add to the juiciness of this SPECIAL GRATITUDE SALE.

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2 CDs & MP3’s from my popular Essential Foundations for Inner Peace package:Secrets_small

MP3 #1 – Secrets to Everyday Inner Peace:
Eavesdrop in on a power-packed call where I answer audience’s biggest questions about experiencing greater everday inner peace.

MP3 #2 – Inner Peace for Conscious Achievers:
Because Success is Nothing Without Inner Peace. Dive deeper into the 6 Powerful Questions that can transform inner turmoil in minutes.

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EXCLUSIVE BONUS #5: The “Best Year Ever” BONUS Pack.

In addition to the “Success and Inner Peace Blueprint” guidance you’ll receive from Bonus #2 (Awakening Beyond Achievement Audios), these three BONUS resources are exactly what you need to get crystal clear about your goals and what’s most important to you, so you can focus and align your energy with precision.

The retail price on these bonuses alone are worth the entire investment. (But, you can’t buy these separately anywhere). bonusBlack Friday Bundle

Creating your Yearlong Vision:
9 Keys to Creating a 12-Month Vision
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End of Year Completion:
5 Steps to Acknowledge, Appreciate,
& Celebrate the Year
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New Year Creation: 4 Ways to Create & Emotionally Connect with Your Vision
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Instant Access to the Full MP3 Recordings of the entire Awakening Beyond Achievement Program, which you can download to your computer or iPod. PLUS 4 CD’s!

                        PRICE $297 For limited time ONLY $49

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So, Is This Really $49?

The regular price for this audio program is $297. If I charged my hourly rate to coach you personally through the same 6+ hours of guidance recorded live during my “Awakening Beyond Achievement Tour” this package would be priced at $1500 or more (and would be worth every penny). But, I wanted to make is it easy for you to say YES to awakening, success and inner peace. I wanted to make it easy for you to say YES to finding, keeping, deepening and LIVING it.

With the convenience of these audios you can listen to them in the convenience of your own home or even while driving about town. You can listen again and again to really get the learning in your bones.

And you’ll also receive a complete, power-packed 25 page PDF workbook to accompany these audios, and help you lock in your insights on deeper levels.

I look forward to supporting you in finding, keeping and deepening your inner peace.


Mary Allen aka Life Coach Mary
America’s Inner Peace Coach

“Mary is a Delight and an Inspiration!”

cynthiafreeman“What an extraordinary facilitator Mary is. She magically creates the space for participants to feel safe, to be completely present and engaged — immediately! No matter what is happening before you walk through the door….Mary has a way of allowing you to feel grounded and centered, enabling you to receive what is perfect for you. As someone that has played on ‘both sides’ of the mic in countless events this is a rare gift. When you avail yourself this opportunity you will thank yourself. Any friend you bring along will be grateful. This is truly your chance to relax into inner peace and breathe!”

— Cynthia Freeman, MCC | Dynamic Life Designer


“Mary has a gift for guiding anyone, at anytime…”

SonniTallant“Mary has a gift for guiding anyone, at anytime, regardless of circumstances, back to inner peace — in a matter of minutes. There are thousands of coaches who can help you realize your goals…but only ONE I know of who will help you experience outrageous success AND be deeply relaxed in your being at the same time.”

— Sonni Tallant



Instant Access to the Full MP3 Recordings of the entire Awakening Beyond Achievement Program, which you can download to your computer or iPod. PLUS 4 CD’s!

PRICE $297 For limited time ONLY $49

Click here to Buy & Download Awakening Beyond Achievement INSTANTLY.