Could you use some extra support right now?

Are you trying to figure out your “what’s next?” in the midst of our changing times? One that is both fulfilling and meaningful? Are you struggling to find and keep yourself centered as you’re juggling responsibilities at home and work? Do you need to uplevel your self-care practices so you can handle everything on your… Read more »

Feel your way back to inner peace…

Greetings friends. Every week is a new week, with new and old emotions coming and going, or coming and staying. Argghhh! Sometimes they accumulate and it jams up our emotional well being. Since times are more intense than normal intense, today’s Rapid Reset Video is timely. Today’s Rapid Reset strategy is all about feeling your… Read more »

Rapid Reset Video #2 – Breathing Exercise

Hope this finds you and your family healthy and happy in the midst of these challenging times. Here’s Rapid Reset Video #2 for you! It’s super simple. You can do it any time and ANY place for a quick and effective reset of your nervous system and breath. Join me in today’s short video for… Read more »

Rapid Reset Video #1: Self-Compassion

Now more than ever, I see how essential it is to make daily choices that allow inner peace to thrive. A couple weeks ago, I was inspired to create a new, free video series to remind us all of simple, effective strategies that allow us to reconnect with our center more quickly. I’m calling this… Read more »

Are you embracing your humanity?

I see you. I see all your brilliance, potential and divinity. I see your humanity, your fragility, your vulnerability. As human beings, we embody a full spectrum of qualities. We all have strengths, weaknesses, clarity and blind spots. We make great choices, and mistakes. We’re instinctual, emotional, rationals and spiritual beings with both potential and… Read more »

How do you continually find inner peace? (Part 2)

Thank you for all the wonderful emails and comments in response to last week’s ezine, where we started the conversation about transforming your relationship with overwhelm.If you missed the first 5 of 11 keys, CLICK HERE. Before we jump into keys 6 to 11, I want to talk about “labeling” emotional experiences. Thank you to… Read more »

11 Keys to Transforming Overwhelm (Part 1)

This is a big question. I recognize we all have unique life circumstances and challenges. Today, I’m humbly sharing my own experiences of coming back to inner peace again and again. What does it look in real time when overwhelm rises, and instead of drowning in the sea of emotions, you somehow find your way… Read more »

Want to find, keep & deepen inner peace?

Last month the school shooting rocked emotions. Since then, at least two notable suicides heightened conversation about the prevalence of people’s feelings of hopelessness, anxiety and depression. I learned that, on average, 1 in 5 kids commit suicide. That turns my stomach, as it does for all. That’s not all. Many, many, many are distraught… Read more »