Inner Peace: Are you ready for more?

The last few months have been super busy with the twins turning 1 year old, going on our first family vacation to Utah and enjoying lots of visits from friends and family.  Whew!  Fun, crazy, overwhelming, memorable and nourishing too 🙂

AND I really want to connect with YOU more personally…and on an ongoing basis.

It means a lot to me that you are part of my community — and that you share an interest in enjoying more inner peace.

Are you ready for more inner peace?

I hope so.

The good news is, it won’t cost you a penny.

My life has radically changed, but my passion for helping people experience greater everyday inner peace has not.

The tricky part is finding a way to serve this mission — and you — WHILE being the best mom possible to my babies Shanti and Riser.


But, I’m committed to finding a way.  (And, I have a few ideas up my inner peace sleeves.)

The good news is, even though my time is more limited than ever before, my FOCUS is sharper than ever before.

When it comes to inner peace, my mission is threefold.

1.  Helping people “find inner peace.”  There are still A LOT of people who don’t know where their inner peace headquarters is — even though we all have one.  I want you to be clear about where you can find inner peace within yourself… if you aren’t already. 

2.  Helping people “keep inner peace” — or rather return to inner peace in any moment, regardless of circumstance.  Even people who can access inner peace through meditation, nature or in serene situations get overwhelmed, stressed or reactive — occasionally or A LOT — struggle to find inner peace in certain situations.  I want you to be able to return to inner peace any moment you choose.

3.  Helping people “deepen inner peace.”  This means challenging you to do the deeper personal growth work and consciously design a life you love — so you can experience radically more inner peace and fulfillment in all situations — and do so more easily and effortlessly.  I want you to experience the bliss and freedom that comes from having inner peace as your most predominant way of being.


Everyday Inner Peace…
Find it.  Keep it.  Deepen it. 

This will be the focus of my articles and exchanges with you over the coming weeks, months and year — as I’m simultaneously working on my next book.

I would love your participation as you expand and deepen inner peace in your life along the way.

Are you game? 

Here’s how you can play:

* You can answer simple survey questions about inner peace and those culprits that interfere with it.

* You can ask personal questions about finding, keeping and deepening your inner peace.

* You can share your experiences of finding inner peace for the first time or in unusual circumstances, so others can learn from you also.

* You can actively apply the tips, strategies and processes to give yourself access to more inner peace.

One thing I know for sure.  When you put your intention and focus on expanding inner peace in your life — you experience more of it.

And when you experience more inner peace — you have greater focus, confidence, energy and health.  It’s easier to make decisions, connect with loved ones and make more money.  And you feel more fulfilled, guided and alive.

In other words… “everything” comes from inner peace.

You don’t have to sign up for anything, register for an event or pull out your credit card to play.  All you have to do is read my posts and participate! 

I invite you to engage by leaving comments on my blog, taking the surveys and then using the ideas and inquiries along the way.

Here’s your opportunity to get valuable support from me in expanding your inner peace.

So, for starters — I’m curious…

Do you know where to find inner peace within yourself?
—> Share Your Answer HERE

This may seem like a super basic question.  But, when you’ve experienced inner peace before, and know where to find it — it’s MUCH easier to return to it during the challenging moments.

Earlier this week, I was struggling to write this post to you.  Partly because it had been so long since my last big communication.  Partly because I was behind on my sleep.  Partly because my project list is daunting.  Partly because my husband John just returned from 10 days in Israel and I was  emotionally exhausted after handling so much in his absence.  Isn’t that what happens?  It’s not just ONE thing that pulls us out of our peace and power.

I finally surrendered to the stuckness and went out on my patio to rest in the sunshine.  I shared my frustrations with John (self-expression is very cathartic!).

After he went back inside, I closed my eyes and dropped into pure awareness.  Into the spaciousness of nothing. Into the backdrop of inner peace. And there I was… hanging out in stillness.

20 minutes later I was rejuvenated and inspired.

Then, voila!  I’ve now reconnected with YOU — and stated my intentions.

Whenever I get stuck or “out of my peace” — part of what gets me back to my power is reminding myself that I KNOW where inner peace is, and have experienced it many, many, many times.

I want to know where YOU are in the inner peace department, so I’ll know what to write to you next time.

Thank you for sharing your confidential answer with me.

Do you know where to find inner peace within yourself?
—> Share Your Answer HERE

Until the next time.

Here’s to your inner peace,


PS:  If you’d like to chime in on any of the above, I welcome your comments below.


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15 Responses to “Inner Peace: Are you ready for more?”

  1. Julie Owens

    I feel like I could completely understand where & how to get to my inner peace but life gets in the way or I should say the busyness of life gets in the way. So my challenge is always to take the time.

    • Mary Allen

      Julie, I think you shared what many others are feeling. Busyness and life are huge distractions to inner peace. But, just saying this aloud — points to the solution. Just a little bit of willingness to take the time for inner peace is the key.

  2. kimberly clark

    Do you know something Mary, everytime I open an email from you I feel inner peace. I would truly love to thank you for that. I have been on my quest for inner peace and so many around you just don’t feel it. I do realize they will in their own time. You know so many are truly searching and lost just looking for some type of direction. I would truly love to find a way to teach others who are searching in my area. I would love for others to re-rember to relove themselves, to know they are perfect and whole the way god made them, and that we truly are one, no matter their circumstances. Mary I have a friend who has a business and is closed on Sundays, she has allowed me to use her building to teach if I would like. I would like it to be like a workshop they could come to that would not cost them anything, there are so many out of work around here. I myself am trying to gather information to help them. I am fortunate to be working with my handicap patients whom I love and have taught me so much about unconditional love, but is taking all my time. I do know in my heart I am meant to teach. So many around do not even have internet services that would be very helpful to them. Do you have any ideas that would help me to come up with a plan so I am able to get this moving forward. I do realize how busy you are, oh my god your children are beautiful. If there is any guidence you could give me our brothers and sisters would be greatful. All my Love, Kimberly Clark

    • Mary Allen

      Kimberly, I LOVE that my emails add inner peace to your life 🙂 I can feel your passion in helping others experience more inner peace. Part of my long-term vision is training other coaches and facilitators in helping others find inner peace… like leading a weekend Inner Peace Infusion Retreat or even a one day event. I don’t have the bandwidth right now with those materials or guidance. But, stay tuned. It’ll be coming down the road. I’ll include some ideas for helping others find inner peace in future posts though. Thanks for expressing the interest!

  3. Anna L

    Dear Mary,
    I would like you to know that you ‘ve helped me SO MUCH with your lessons – I study each of them dilligently and it’s incredible how much I get out of your words.


    • Mary Allen

      I’m SOOOOO thrilled to hear my lessons have made a difference in your life AND YOU’RE the one putting them into action — so kudos for you!! I really acknowledge your commitment to yourself!

  4. Jimm Hughey

    Sweet Mary
    YES I know where to find Inner Peace. The best place is at your house, but when I don’t have time for that, I just STOP everything and listen. Then there is an almost imperceptible rhythm coming from my heart and it is more than the steady beat of my Sinus Node (keeper of my heart beat rhythm). When I am really present and paying attention I hear SPIRIT talking to me from somewhere in the vacinity of my heart. PEACE comes automatically.
    Love, Jimm

  5. Mary Allen

    Jimm, What a beautiful way to describe how you find inner peace!! Nothing quite like getting super, super present AND focusing on your heart space to drop into a relaxing place of inner peace.

  6. Monique

    Mary, I immediately open email from you with such excitement.:-) Thank you for being you. I find inner peace by spending time home alone in daily meditation, listening the the waves from the ocean during the early morning hours and spending time in the mountains.

    • Mary Allen

      Monique, thank you for sharing your inner peace practices with us — and for your enthusiasm about my emails! I love hearing that! 🙂

  7. Mimi

    I am so proud of what you manage to accomplish despite your full time involvement with your little darlings! My grand daughter Eliana is 7 months today and I know what it takes to care for an infant full time. I think of you often. You inspire me to not complain when the little darling is up for hours and the mother is working in my office (she still lives with me). What helps me get back my inner peace is bathing myself in gratitude for the amazing life I live, and for showering me with pure unconditional LOVE. That is what soothes my heart and brings back the peace

    • Mary Allen

      Thank you so much Mimi for chiming in on this post. I know you’re well practiced in dropping into inner peace… and it can get challenging with the demands of little ones. I love you!


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